Tilanna V

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Tilanna V
Stellar Cartography
Region Federation/Klingon Border
Sector Serellan Sector
System Tilanna System
Sun(s) Tillan
Moon(s) 2 (Tu'Pari and Ko'Dath)
Orbital Radius ????
Eccentricity {{{eccentricity}}}
Class M
Diameter 85,600,000
Atmosphere Oxygen/Nitrogren/Hydrogen Mix
Hydrosphere 4.03%
Climate Temperate
Blackbody Temp ???
Gravity 1.1g
Primary terrain Megatropolis
Points of interest Trading/Leisure/Tourism
Length of Day 27hr
Length of Year 332 days
Native species Mixed.
Other species Various flora and fauna
Official Language Mixed. Primary: Federation Standard
Population 7.9 billion
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Affiliation Neutral
Government Tilanni Colonial Authority


Tilanna V is an unalligned world on the Federation/Klingon border in the Serrellan Sector. A colony was first founded there by the Andorian Empire in the late 21st century which has grown into a megatropolis in the centuries since, which now covers the entire planet in a 'megatropolis'. Approximately 7.9 sentient individuals call this world home and is 2148 it was granted autonomy by the Andorian Imperial government. It grew throughout the 23rd century, its unalligned status keeping it safe from clashes between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. In 2284 it hosted unsuccessful negociated between the two long standing enemies. In 2300, the government proposed membership to the Federation but was rejected in a refferendum. In 2376, it became one of the first planets in the quadrant to allow Cardassian refugees asylum, following the Jem'Hadar's rampage across Cardassia Prime. Although a popular idea at the time, it has since been cited as sowing the seeds for the corruption that now runs rampant in the halls of power and law enforcement on the planet.

Planetary Description

In the distant past Tilanna V was an uninhabited Class-M world with little strategic value, given it's lack of resources. There are indications that early spaceflight vessels from Tellar Prime may have surveyed the planet, although the Tellarite authorities claim they have no records of such a landing. By the middle of the 24th century, the planet became covered by a global city- a megatropolis- which is split into 300 distinct cities. It's capital city- Anjunaar lies on the ruins of the original Andorian colony- long since abandonned.

There are very few visitors to the actual surface of the planet given its now dense undergrowth. Rumours persist that various underworld groups have used the surface for their own nefarious ends although this has never been confirmed.


Despite recent attempts by the government to position Tilanna V as a haven for tourism and commmercialism, it is best known for rampant corruption and an ineffectual government and law enforcement agencies. It is an unspoken fact that various criminal organisations are the true powers on the planet, each seeking to dominate the other. It is estimated that upwards of 45% of official and police officers are corrupt and/or are in league with these organisations.