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Crew of Deep Space 285


Lt. Commander James

List of SIMs where James has participated. This list is in no way expansive.

Note: All of these sims can now be accessed from the excellent new ship archive interface. Unlike this list it is constantly updated and expansive, however it does not contain summaries for each sim. James' posts for the USS Discovery-C can be found Here and the USS Drake Here


Ship Started Ended Name
USS Discovery-C 238903.23 238907.15 Zero Tolerance
USS Discovery-C 238907.16 ??? Shore Leave, DS-285
USS Drake ??? 239003.06 Shore Leave, Ishkaria
USS Drake 239003.06 Present Back to the Future

Zero Tolerance

Mission Sims
Stardate Simname Summery
238906.18 Arrival James Arrives on the USS Discovery-C
238906.19 New Officer James enters the bridge.
238906.19 Reporting for duty James starts his duty.
238906.20 Back to work News of Nickles fight with Zero reaches the bridge.
238906.20 Argument James has a tiny argument with Shagan.
238906.21 More Work! James starts to stream data to sickbay.
238906.22 The Race News of PO 2nd Class D'ona Helron's death reaches the bridge. James starts a race against time to find a new host. James also... bends the rules slightly.
238906.22 Comfortably Numb James provides more information on the new host to Blueheart.
238906.23 Time James informs medical.
238906.24 Untitled The ship carrying the new host arrives.
238906.26 The end... New of a cure for the plague reaches the bridge. James has a conversation with the replacement helmsman.
238906.27 Hello, Goodbye Cougud returns to duty.
238906.30 Red Alert A Red Alert rings thought the ship...
238907.1 Physics Lesson A small talk with Mr. Cogud.
238907.2 Ideas A plan starts to come together.
238907.2 Plan Compilation of several independent sims.
238907.3 Preparations The ship prepares for the task ahead.
238907.4 Higgs Announcement Sabotage James discovers sabotage is afoot.
238907.4 Higgs Announcement Experiment James proposes a experiment to find the affected sensors.
238907.5 Rescue The results of the experiment are back... Also the ship is finally pulled from the planet.
238907.7 Zero Hour Zero's death reaches the bridge.
238907.9 Returning Home Things begin to wind down.
238907.11 Updates! #@!!% Updates!
238907.12 Offline Things start to wind down on the bridge.
238907.12 Offline Things start to wind down on the bridge.
238907.13 Alcohol Friendlily conversation with Mr. Cogud
238907.14 Docking The Discovery docks with DS-285
238907.14 Quarters James rushes to his quarters to get changed.
238907.14 Goodbye We all say goodbye to McCall
238907.15 Promotion James is promoted to Lt. JG!

Shore Leave, DS-285

Mission Sims
Stardate Simname Summery
238907.16 Information James begins to ring his parents.
238907.16 Home James rings his parents.
238907.19 I don't wake up easily James Is woken by the others to take him out clubbing... Yay...
238907.19 Oops Andddd the resulting conversation. Awkward...
238907.19 Preparations James rushes to get changed.
238907.19 Social Skills James somewhat revels his lack of social skills...
238907.21 The wait The group waits outside the club. Cogud has a... unethical idea.
238907.22 Clubbing They enter the club.
238907.23 Vulcan Brandy I didn't know they made Vulcan brandy!
238907.24 Tragedy Telice Shagan comes over to James and Cogud. She is behaving very diffidently from usual... Alcohol has a very strong effect!
238907.25 Awkward conversation We prepare to continue the ships tradition of getting drunk and fighting...
238907.27 Never fight a engineer in a place filled with electricity. James makes a improvised weapon from the clubs walls.
238907.30 The end of my first night out... And back to sickbay we go...
238907.31 JP-JAMES/SHAGAN: What happened on stardate 237602.19 James meets Telice in the mess the next day...
238908.5 Back on the bridge James heads to the bridge, where we prepare to go to Sigma Lota
238908.5 Meditation JP with Blueheart, where James gives him a few lessons on Vulcan meditation techniques.
??? JP-SHAGAN/COLLIM/JAMES: Back in the saddle A SIM shortly before James left the USS Discovery. James, Telice Shaugan & Kieran Collim go horseriding!

Shore Leave, Ishkaria

Mission Sims
Stardate Simname Summery
239002.10 Excitement, Adventure and really wild things. First SIM for James on the Drake. He meets Crewman Alicia Khan.
239002.19 Catching up James meets Pandora for the first time.
239002.24 First visit to the shard James is invited by Valis to join the crew at the Chamadar Falls on the Iskadarsta Shards.

Back to the Future

Note: This does not include the "Alt" James posts unless they contain interaction with the other Drake, as they have little relevance on character development.

Mission Sims
Stardate Simname Summery
239003.06 First Briefing James attends briefing.
239003.13 Preventing large explosions. The Chronton Bomb goes off. James heads down to Engineering to assist, failing to get his security codes.
239003.16 Shadow connections James uncovers a strange subspace connection.
239003.21 Breifing James heads to briefing on the new situation.
239003.24 End of Breifing James is told by the Captain to work on reading the Subspace communications.
239003.25 Predestination paradox James discusses the paradoxes inherent with time travel and introduces himself to Oliver Weston
239004.02 Like a fish in water James creates a functional relay.
239004.10 From what I've seen so far, Pandora isn't that much of a slave driver! Crewman Carrie Knox collapses.
239004.15 As long as the dammed princess is there this time. (NB: This is in response to a SIM by Pandora entitles "Have fun storming the castle" James heads off to Sickbay in order to go on an away mission.
239004.21 Through the ringer James beams down to the planet surface, despite is hatred of teliporters.
239004.23 Logic & Disrespect? Some of the finer points of Ishkarian society are explained to James.
239004.30 Its only a short walk... The group carries on through the facility.
239005.09 Can we be the A team‽ The group group splits up.
239005.11 In other words a very big voltage James and Ensign Dyamone talk about how to proceed.
239005.12 Finding the Professor James and Ensign Dyamone talk about how to proceed.
239005.16 So that's the Arnold everyone's been talking about! James meets the past version of Professor Arnold.
239005.16 So that's the Arnold everyone's been talking about! James meets the past version of Professor Arnold.
239005.21 I'll have to remember this next time I beam down... Rehash of the previous SIM.
239005.21 Home is where the 4,000 teradyne nuclear bomb is. James returns to the Drake with an idea.
239005.25 I'm going home... Hopefully. James acts to save members of the alternate crew beamed aboard the Drake.