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Invicta Officer's Manual


Invicta Officer's Manual

1: Expectations
2: The Lists
3: Formatting Your Sims
  • II: Invicta 101
4: The Crew
5: The Ship
6: The Mythology
  • III: Operating Procedures
7: Missions
8: Shoreleave
9: Mission Proposals
  • IV: Beyond the Basics
10: Promotions
11: OOC Activities
12: Mentoring

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The Ship

The USS Invicta is a Cardiff class vessel, a brand new class of starship. She incorporates the latest from the Starfleet Corps of Engineers and Starfleet R&D such as advanced shields, a hybrid positronic/bioneural computer system, and an efficient annular warp drive. The Invicta does not, however, have a quantum slipstream drive.


The Invicta is also outfitted to be a top of the line diplomatic courier, with facilities for ambassadors, diplomatic delegations, reporters, and so forth. Her sensors and shields are the best in Starfleet, and her diplomatic facilities approach the level of a starbase in terms of comfort and range. While she is equipped with standard photon torpedoes and Type X phaser arrays, which are the same as the original Galaxy class launch configuration, she is not as well-armed as other explorers her size such as the Sovereign class or Odyssey class.

The Invicta carries a large contingent of science and diplomatic personnel, with a significant number being civilians. Out of a crew of 400, 120 are civilian researchers and diplomatic staff. Within the science division are specific fields from xenobiology to archaeology that form entire departments, with their own dedicated lab space, etc.

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Invicta Expedition

The Invicta Expedition is comprised of the Invicta herself and four support vessels:

InvictaLogo.png GarudaLargeLogo.png Mercurylogo.png Tigerlogo.png Syracuselogo.png
USS Invicta
Cardiff class
USS Garuda
Galaxy class
USS Mercury
Oracle class
USS Tiger-A
Prometheus class
USS Syracuse
Saber class

Most of the other expedition ships do not show up unless needed for a particular mission. They can generally be thought of as operating "in the area" but "off-screen" during the course of our stories. The exception is the Saber class USS Syracuse, which is a light cruiser with a small crew of forty. The Syracuse travels with the Invicta as an escort.

USS Invicta
USS Syracuse
USS Garuda
USS Mercury
USS Tiger-A

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