Hazard team complex

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Hazard Team Complex


Discovery-b Hazard Ops.jpg
  • A: Briefing Room
  • B: Locker Room
  • C: Commanding Officer's Office
  • D: Mess Hall
  • E: Armoury
  • F: Barracks
  • G: Battle -Simulation Holodeck
  • H: Brig
  • I: Transporter Room


The Hazard Team Complex is located on Deck 8, formally the Marine Complex. With the disbanding of the Marines and the USS Discovery-B being primarily a ship of combat, Captain Waltas used the Hazard Team training of Lieutenant Wood to start a small Hazard Team with some of the disbanded Marines. After a major overhaul the complex was completed with all the newest modifications Starfleet had.

The Hazard Team complex is a highly restricted area, only the Chief's of the USS Discovery-B and the Hazard Team Personnel themselves are allowed access to the area. The complex also has an automated defence system if the area has been accessed with permission. This involves all rooms and access points being sealed and a number of forcefields activating along the corridors. If necessary, gasses may be deployed to neutralize the threat.