H8 Blue

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Starbase 118
H8 Blue
Position Medical
Rank Crewman 3rd Class
Species Nasat
Gender Female
DOB 237102.17
Age 25
Birthplace Nasat

H8 Blue is currently serving as a Nurse aboard StarBase 118 Ops.


  • Height: 126cm
  • Carapace Colour: Purple blueish. The divisions between the upper plates around her head and neck are painted the same shade of teal as Starfleet Medical uniforms.
  • Eyes: Black.
  • On Duty Attire: Combadge. Has two 50cm long teal strips of fabric attached to the underside of her uppermost back vertebrae.

H8 Blue, like all Nasat, possesses a hardened carapace made from a series of flexible plates. She has eight insect-like exoskeletal limbs. One pair of primary manipulator arms, two pairs of secondary manipulator arms and a pair of rear legs to stand on. She also has a large, reptile-like tail that extends to the ground.


H8 Blue, or Hattie as she prefers to be called, is a young Nasat recently enlisted with Starfleet medical as a nurse. She spent most of her life being raised amoung her own people with their insular and cautious ways. She always felt stifled by the comparitive lack of diversity of her home planet. Most of her youth was spent reading novellised versions of real events that happened to Starfleet crews. Imbuing her with a large sense of adventure and love of different cultures and races. At her first opportunity Hattie left her homeworld to enrol in Starfleet Medical Academy, qualifying as a nurse and being assigned to Starbase 118 ops a few years later.

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