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USS Athena
Gail Evelyn Reardon
Position Mission Control
Rank Lieutenant
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 23666.10
Age 34
Birthplace Seattle, Washington, Earth

Lieutenant Gail Reardon is currently assigned to Mission Control aboard the USS Athena.


  • Height: 5' 9" (1.8m)
  • Weight: 116 lbs
  • Hair Color: Straw-colored blonde
  • Hair Style: Short, bob style
  • Eye color: Hazel Green
  • Build: Slender, Athletic


  • Parents:
    • Father: RAdm John Reardon, retired (b. 2308)
    • Mother: Amb. Kelle Madden (b. 2336)
  • Siblings
    • from John Reardon and his first wife, Amanda McTiege (b. 2310 - d. 2355)
      • Dr. John T. Reardon II (b. 2340)
      • Capt. Elizabeth A. Reardon (b. 2342)
      • Cmdr. Brian L. Reardon (b. 2345)


Gail was a surprise child after her father, John, met Ambassador Kelle Madden during his final tour of duty visiting various and assorted starbases. They were married on stardate 236411.05. He was fifty-eight years old when Gail was born. She inherited some of his original Engineering blood but was far more interested in the programming side, much to her mother's amusement. She has three older siblings from John's original marriage.

By the time Gail hit Starfleet Academy, she swiftly cut any reference to her father, determined to stand out on her own. During her five years in the Engineering program, she put in a request to be sent as far away as possible for her first assignment. Starfleet obliged, and sent Gail to Deep Space 3 after graduation. She landed at the starbase as a programming technician, where she quickly adapted to station repairs, making due with what they could get their hands on since supplies could take up to several weeks. She held no illusions.

Her actual department in the beginning was split between engineering and science, which Gail inevitably fell into after a couple years. She stayed on Deep Space 3 for three years before landing a plush assignment with the USS Apollo with the new Mission Control department. Her combo skill set additionally landed Gail as backup support for either Science or Engineering, a role she already performed.

At the decomissioning of the Apollo, Gail opted to go back to Utopia Plantia, working as a starship construction engineer and programmer for the next several months. She was one of the technicians who were involved in the construction of the newly launched Odyssey-Class USS Athena. Because she had prior experience with mission control, Gail was allowed to be reassigned and sent with the ship to Deep Space 285, under the command of Captain Faranfey.

She's very tech-savy, likes to build small tech toys on the side. Very confident but can be a bit intense at times, especially if there's a new gadget she hasn't seen before. She also deals very little with her family except for her mother. A steak and veggies woman who likes a good, smokey whiskey who's smart, perky and has a good heart when it comes to her friends and crew.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Ensign 238906.20 - 239001.12 Deep Space 3 Computer Programmer
Lieutenant JG. 239001.12 - 239205.26 Deep Space 3 Computer Programmer
Lieutenant 239205.26 - 239207.10 Deep Space 3 Engineering & Science
Lieutenant 239207.11 - 239302.16 USS Apollo-A Mission Control
Lieuteant 239302.18 - 239307.15 Utopia Planetia Shipyards Starfleet Corps of Engineers
Lieuteant 239307.15 - Present USS Athena Mission Control

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