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Duronis II EmbassyAkira class

Jaxon Mc Ghee

Assigned to the Embassy upon leaving the academy, Jaxon Mc Ghee is a workaholic and social reclusive. The 2358 born Welshman is generally found in the engineering hubs of the Thunder or the Utilities Complex of the Embassy. Being a Vulcan-Human hybrid, his genes support his tendency to working long hours; it is not uncommon for him to skip a night’s sleep. When off-duty, Jaxon splits his free time between meditation, exercising and working on private experimental projects. The commander also has a teenage son of 16, Joel Mc Ghee, who came to live with him in the summer of 2389 after two years of limited contact. Currently both are in the process of acclimatization to living with each other again.

The Welshman has a quiet nature and it is known that he moves about his department talking to himself. In general his temperament is neutral and subject bound, though short lived outbursts of anger have been seen in the past. Expecting his staff to give their all, he demands even more from himself to ensure efficiency. His department is run by exact methods, tweaking where necessary to improve performance. Avoidable mistakes are considered intolerable. Jaxon holds closer contact to the Command level than other departments, though he is approachable and will assist anyone. In general anyone will receive trust and respect until their forfeit it with reproachful behavior at which point he will reduce work and conversation to a minimum.

Early in 2389, Jaxon’s son arrived and during his lengthy stay and with Fleet Captain Turner’s consent, the teen chose to stay. Before the situation on Duronis II climaxed in the Fall, Jaxon tried to evacuate Joel aboard his own ship, eventually leading to Joel and his girlfriend Cabrew being stranded on the besieged Embassy. While the fighting broke out, the Lt. Cmdr. joined the taskforce in fighting off the initial Klingon assault. During repair coordination aboard the Thunder, Jaxon realized that Joel was still on the planet and suffered a work-induced, mental breakdown, leaving the Thunder without permission to search for Joel. This ended in his son’s near death and S’Caan, Jaxon’s Vulcan side manifested himself, resulting in the slaughter of many enemies. Command was aware of his AWOL and Jaxon now faces charges of abandoning the Thunder while under his command.

William Tindall

William Tindall

William is responsible for the canine unit for the embassy of Duronis. Married to Tess and with triplets, he spends his time between taking care of his children and handling the numerious dogs his division has. About Bronwyn, I was looking for something else in the role playing game world and stumbled across Starbase 118. As I had a historical background in Role playing games, my goal for willie is to continue to grow his character that has the support of his family and the others around him. I don't think he'll ever be a by-the-book officer, but his recent brush with the command staff should help him on the right path.

Hannibal Parker

Hannibal Parker

Starting the year 2389, Hannibal was serving on the newly commissioned USS Mercury as Lieutenant Commander under the command of Tallis Rhul, serving as his First Officer heading into the Menthar Corridor, but that was the calm before the storm. The two officers had managed to put their disputes behind them, discovering a hidden space station within the Corridor, and also surviving a plague which infected the entire crew. All was not truly settled between them, as they both shared the history of Tallis' father having brutally killed Hannibals' father during the Dominion War. during a brutal fight on the Mercurys' holodeck, the two men came to an understanding...that they would both work to kill Tallis Kern whenever they had the opportunity to do so.

Personal tragedy struck the Mercury crew, as the Captains' brother had been declared missing, which forced him to resign his commision in Starfleet and Hannibal being transferred to the USS Thunder and the Duronis Embassy.Also joining him was his long time lover,Lieutenant Commander Kamela Allison. Unkown to Hannibal at the time, Scarlet Brotherhood and the Orion Syndicate had ordered him assassinated, with the first attept being unsuccessfull on the Mercury, foiled by Lt. Bale.

Hannibal and Kamela were settling into their new life at the Duronis Embassy when a combined Klingon/Orion Syndicate/ Scarlet Brotherhood invaded Duronis, seeking to establish a beachhead where the Klingons could easily attack Romulan space, and the Orions and Bajoran components could enslave the Laudean people. Tallis Rhul had retured just prior, and they fought a pitched battle on Duronis, with Hannibal killing Tallis Kern as he tried to escape,and Captain Turner killing Tallis Meral as she was getting ready to kill Tallis Rhul. Just prior to the invasion, Hannibal barely survived another assassination attempt. Hannibal, now Major Hannibal Parker, ended the year engaged to his long -time lover Kamela Allison...she had loved him ever since she met him, and Hannibal finally admitted that he loved her too..they ended the year on shore leave on Earth...

Michael Angelo Valentino

Angelo Valentino

The name? Valentino. Angelo Valentino, Marine Captain. If you haven't heard of him by now, where you been hiding?

Dubbed a child prodigy, he trained with the V'Shar (Vulcan Ministry of Security) to develop his eidetic memory and physical prowess. Recognising his potential, he was quickly transferred to the Sim're'Pelq'Ari (Elite Vulcan Defence Force), as a teenager earning his growing reputation and earning the title of "Alpha Quadrant Under 21s All Styles Martial Arts" champion at the age of 18. He excelled as a Sim're (Elite member of the V'Shar), achieving highest honours before transferring to Starfleet Academy.

This lean, mean, fighting machine has fulfilled his potential; now a lethal martial artist with lightning speed, immense power and skill, making him a ruthless individual, and one of the most talented marine officers around. He is a natural leader of men; passionate, dedicated, charismatic and loyal. His charming and enchanting personality combined with his model-like Sicilian looks make him irresistible to women; a modern day Casanova; Starfleet's very own playboy with a smooth Italian accent. His easy going attitude and propensity for fun makes him a popular officer, especially amongst the females. Renowned to be quite egotistical and vain, he carries himself with a swagger. This young marine captain is "living the dream", as he so often says and is always eager to push himself to the next level, personally and professionally.

Miles Unum

Miles Unum

Miles Unum was born on Earth on stardate 236007.01 to human parents, Stephen and Cara Unum. Miles’ father joined Starfleet and majored in engineering. While at the academy, Stephen met Cara Wimbley who was studying to be a nurse in Starfleet. Stephen and Cara married after graduating from Starfleet Academy. Miles is the middle child of the three Unum children. His older sister is Julie, and his younger brother is Bret. After high school, Miles joined the Starfleet Marine Corps and studied numerous long distance Starfleet Academy courses focusing on a major in Security and a minor in Tactical. His Military Occupational Specialty was in Intelligence, and after he served four years in the Marine Corps, he continued serving in the reserves while he attended Starfleet Academy. With several hours of academy courses study completed while in the Marine Corps, Miles graduated from Starfleet Academy in two and a half years.

His first assignment after the Academy was as a tactical officer aboard the USS Resolution. Since that time, he has worked in Security, as a Strategic Operations Officer, returned to the Marine Corps, and now is assigned to Intelligence. After their first mission to Duronis II, Miles and Talon Lee began dating, and the courtship lasted a year before they were engaged. Choosing a short engagement, they married on Stardate 238712.21 on the USS Ronin and honeymooned on Pacifica. A year later, twin boys, Tucker and Taylor, were born to Miles and Talon.

2389 was a very busy year for Miles, and it was the most chaotic of his life. It seemed that one good thing would happen, and then, he faced challenges that negated every good thing. He retired from Starfleet mid-year, thinking that he could find a balance in his life. It wasn’t long before he regretted that decision. The Klingon Invasion drew him back into service and into Starfleet Intelligence a few weeks after his retirement. Working with his uncle, Tom Weston, an Intelligence operative, and Miles’ close friend, First Lieutenant Chip Bolden, the three men went into Klingon territory and conducted surveillance missions. At the end of the invasion, Miles returned to Earth and requested re-assignment to the Duronis II Embassy and the USS Thunder as an Intelligence officer.

Toni Turner

Toni Turner

We started the year by securing a 100-year old ship, the Canis Major in a joint mission with the Laudeans. Taking her back to planet for repairs, we were hit by the most notable event of 2389- the loss of the USS Thunder during the conflict cause by the Klingon Invasion. Along with the Thunder we lost most all our Beta shift crew. The Embassy was hit hard too, leaving us without supplies and housing.

The Canis Major became our only ship. Making repairs, we set out for Earth to deliver her to Starfleet Academy’s Space Museum, and to pick up a new Akira class starship - the USS Thunder- A. On the way we rescued a freighter with a fire out of control. The last of the year we spent on an extended shore leave on Earth to give the crew extra time to heal from the devastation.



Born on Tau Lacerte III, in the Gorn Hegemony, Nugra grew up in to a leading star of the Vss'Nok Sword fighting ring. His life would take a drastic turn when he became an exchange officer aboard the USS Victory in Star Fleet. The life of a security officer was one that the enjoyed, but it only lasted for two years before he had to return to his homeland at the request of the Crown Princess. Serving as a member of the Elite Defenders of the Egg, Nugra protected the royal family and was instrumental in helping them escape in 2383 when the Gorn government was overthrown and the war with the Federation began.

His life from then was filled with anguish as he fought his own people, was caught in the Battle of Singularity where 200 years of his life was spent in two normal years, and then cope with the loss and death of most of his friends. Nugra returned to the Federation upon the end of the Civil War, combat weary and emotionally exhausted. He served aboard the USS Thunder-A and helps secure the Duronis II Embassy from harm.

Nugra’s return to the Federation was initially met with a hostile invasion of the brotherhood, an Klingon/Orion alliance that burned much of the Embassy to the ground. His major triumph this year was earning back his Lieutenant Commander’s pips and securing the role of Chief of Security & Tactical. Now, he hunts down crime and all things out of order with an efficiency that only a Gorn could bring to the job.

Tallis Rhul

Tallis Rhul

Having spent the majority of his career serving on the USS Challenger and at the Federation Embassy on Duronis II, Tallis Rhul was promoted to Captain and took command of the USS Mercury in 2388. His career highlights include participation in Operation Brightstar and the events that led to Bajor’s acceptance into the Federation as a member world.

Born to Cardassian collaborators during the occupation of Bajor, Tallis has always been fiercely proud of his Bajoran heritage. He is religious and worships the Prophets, believing that the path that they wish him to walk to be fair and just no matter where it may lead him. Although his heritage has raised questions about where his true loyalties may lie, Tallis has proved time and again that he will stand in defiance of his parents’ ties to the Orion Syndicate and the Scarlet Brotherhood, a Bajoran religious cult that worships the Pah-wraiths.

His move to the USS Ronin and subsequently the Federation Embassy on Duronis II brought Tallis a good deal of happiness. Shortly after joining the Ronin crew, he became romantically involved with Commander Toni Turner and their relationship has continued to grow since that moment. Her two children, Garth and Vee, have welcomed him into the family with open arms, much to his continued delight.

In the wake of the death of his brother, Soban, who had been working with Starfleet Intelligence to infiltrate the Scarlet Brotherhood, Tallis found himself without a ship, a crew, or a home. Hot on the trail of his parents, the ones responsible for his brother’s death, he found himself returning once more to his home from home, Duronis II. Learning that the Embassy crew and his long-term partner, Fleet Captain Toni Turner, were battling for survival against a Klingon/Scarlet Brotherhood invasion, he wasted no time in beaming down to lend his phaser to the battle. Locating his parents with the help of Toni and Hannibal Parker, a long-standing ally, he found himself unable to exact the revenge he had so badly wanted, leaving his friends and colleagues to finish the job.

Now focusing on the family he has built at the Embassy, he has taken the conversion exams to become an Ambassador so that he can better serve his new home.