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StarBase 118 Fleetbook
Celebrating 20 Years of Simming
ApolloApprovedLogo.png Achilles-scale.png
USS Apollo • NCC-71669 • Achilles class
Embassylogo.png Akira-scale.png
Duronis II EmbassyUSS Thunder-A • Akira class
Avandarlogo.png Luna-scale.png
USS Avandar • NCC-80203 • Luna class
Tigerlogo.png Prometheus-scale.png
USS Tiger-A • NCC-52199-A • Prometheus class
Vigilantlogo.png Intrepid-scale.png
USS Vigilant • NCC-75515 • Intrepid class
Starbase 118 Ops-logo.png Intrepid-scale.png
StarBase 118 OpsUSS Victory • Intrepid class
USS Discovery-C • USS Mercury • USS Drake

Fleetbook Team
Kali Nicholotti Diego Herrera
Nugra Anora Manar