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USS Tiger-APrometheus class

Brayden Jorey

Brayden Jorey

Son of the 10th House of Betazed, Guardian of the Eyes of Kylaron, Brayden Jorey was born into Betazoid nobility and privilege. He has been raised by family, attendants, and tutors. Both his parents, his brother, and his grandmother have made their life in Starfleet. Jorey's childhood was lived at his family complex on Betazed or aboard a Federation starship. His parents were both killed in action during a mission at Malona IV when he was a teenager. His grandfather was killed during the Battle of Betazed during the dominion war. However, Jorey came to terms with their deaths and followed in their footsteps serving as an acting ensign aboard their ship.

In 2385, Jorey was accepted into Starfleet Academy. He majored in Tactical, minoring in Helm and Intelligence. Jorey was an above average student and an exception pilot and athlete. Jorey received many awards throughout his Academy career in athletics, martial abilities, and piloting. In his final year at the academy, he travelled to Forcas III to compete in the Klingon Bat'leth competition. Jorey is one of very few non-Klingon warriors to be awarded Champion Standing.

Throughout his life Jorey has dedicated himself to Betazoid culture. He is a deeply religious person, a Tassa Mystic, and holds Betazoid culture and his heritage in the highest regard. Jorey is relentless in honouring and expressing his Betazoid roots, which can often make him seem flamboyant, eccentric, and even self-obessed. However, he is extremely charismatic, diplomatic, and altruistic which makes him a fine Starfleet Officer.

Jorey graduated from Starfleet Academy on stardate 238912.15 and was immediately assigned to the USS Tiger-A under the command of Fleet Captain Sidney Riley. Jorey caught a transport to Bilire VI in the Ithassa Region where the Tiger was on a mission to provide assistance to the Romulan colony there. Jorey spent only 30 minutes aboard the Tiger to set up his personal quarters and then transported down to the Planet and reported for duty. After being on the planet for a few moments, Jorey was abducted by a hostile race of predetors – the Reapers. Jorey was trapped in nightmarish world with two other crewmates until he was rescued. After the mission, Jorey was promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade) and the ship's Chief Helm Officer.