Excalibur Mission Logs pre-2398

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USS Excalibur-A Mission Archive Database

The following serves as a record of the Excalibur-A's missions under the command of Kalianna Nicholotti.


"You are in for a doozy." ~Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx
Dates: 239008.20 to 239011.24

At an unknown location several hundred lightyears away from Starbase 118 there lies a planet called Tempest 3, where there exists a primitive pre-industrial civilization with technology at about the level of the Europeans on Earth in the 1500s CE. Tempest 3 has been marked as off limits to Starfleet vessels as visiting the planet would violate the prime directive. However Tempest 3 harbours a hidden secret: An Iconian gateway has lay dormant on the planet's surface for millennia.

Recently Tempestians (name for inhabitants of Tempest 3) have discovered the now re-activated Iconian gate and several have stepped through it. One of the worlds these primitive travelers have landed at is located in Thracian space. Now Tempestians often suffer from a disease that for them is about the equivalent of our common cold. But for the inhabitants of Lambda Hydrae, a planet in Thracian space, the disease is deadly, manifesting itself as a plague that is killing millions.

A Starfleet medical team arrives from Starbase 118 in an attempt to treat the plague. Soon after arriving they hear a rumour of strange alien visitors from the North. Going to investigate they soon come face to face with the Tempestians and realize that not only are they the cause of the plague but also that more of have been arriving in a steady trickle.

Pythia's Tale Full Report


Strange New Worlds


"Knight-leader you are cleared to proceed, repeat, you are cleared to proceed."
~ First Lieutenant Teyvion Kesaan

Mission Began: 239101.04
Mission Complete: 239106.21

As a new starship, the USS Excalibur has been put through its paces, but never in deep space. As a testbed for numerous new technologies, including a slipstream drive, the ship offers endless possibilities for exploration. And now, with a cure to the Romulan plague found, it's time to explore. Starfleet Command's orders are simple; engage the drive and explore, test the technology, and gather data. But even with simple directives like that, things aren't always as simple as might be hoped.

Somewhere, on the other side of the Romulan Empire, a strange alliance of previously unmet races fights for their very survival. Though capable of warp travel and deep space exploration, the people remain relatively close to home with their small fleet of mostly transport ships and one large space station located halfway between the furthest distance they travel. Orbiting the central planet of the small trade alliance that had been built over the years, they did what they could to stay out of the business of surrounding races and space, enjoying solitude and peace because of it.

But as it sometimes does, trouble found them anyways.

A violent spatial phenomenon is growing nearby. The scientists can't figure out what's going on, and their ships don't have the capability to study the event effectively. Results of the phenomenon are starting to wear on the population of all of the planets involved in the trade alliance; ships have been lost with entire shipments, without a trace, electronic disruptions are preventing solid communications, and those who live and work on the station are all but trapped after the last wave of evacuation shuttles simply pops out of existence.

As the Excalibur races through space, slipstream drive engaged, it is this phenomenon that drags them out of the slipstream and suddenly creates chaos aboard. Similar to the Alliance station and ships/planets in the nearby area, the ship experiences power fluctuations to the extreme and strange, sometimes personal, occurrences that no one can explain. Now, the crew must figure out where they are, what's going on, and attempt to make contact with an alliance of races that hasn't had outside contact for hundreds of years, or risk annihilation in the process.

Strange New Worlds Full Report



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Mission Began: 239107.15
Mission Complete: 239109.14

News begins to filter in about another bout of plague in the Lambda Hydrae sector. At the same time, the Excalibur crew is given word of a small fleet of Romulan vessels causing trouble for federation traffic near the neutral zone. Research turns up the name 'Ralaaram Ocala', which, it can be determined, is the name of a type of Romulan light cruiser. The mystery of why a bandit fleet would name themselves after a type of ship is solved when it is learned that the term translates to 'sky fire'.

As it turns out, the much-lauded 'Skyfire Cure' was used widely on Agurtha and Lambda Hydrae. Soon after the cure became widespread on the latter, a new and unusually virulent strain appeared, resistant to the cure. People began dying; this time, even hybrids were not spared. A group of Romulan physicians has come up with a treatment that seems to be efficacious, and by now the disease is close to being under control. However, the death of a large chunk of the population has been linked to Starfleet, and to the name Skyfire. Rumours that the Skyfire plague is in truth a genetically engineered weapon released onto unsuspecting Romulan civilians are running rampant.

The tension is quickly heightened, as the Ralaaram Ocala are spotted heading rapidly for the Onias sector. Research reveals their motive - the presence of a mineralogist named Skyfire...

Consequences Full Report


In the Line of Fire



Mission Began: 239202.16
Mission Complete: In Progress

The Prometheus Station has gone silent, and it's got people worried.

Around the galaxy, Starfleet is mobilizing everything its got. With new ships being commissioned just to investigate a growing number of anomalies that have come into existence after the station's silence began, and old ships heading out as well, many people at the highest levels are wondering if the two events are as intertwined as they seem. As one of the newly commissioned ships, the USS Excalibur A has been tasked with taking a closer look at one such anomaly located within the boundaries of a newly discovered Trade Alliance in the Afehirr sector. Being the ship that made first contact with the people of the Alliance, the Excalibur has been welcomed to the area and would maintain peaceful ties with those in the area while they look into the anomaly.

As the crew makes their way to the sector, however, things get more dire. A kind of energy wave is shot from the center of the anomaly, which is yet to be labeled as natural or manmade. The blast of energy moves through space wrecking destruction on everything in its path. Thankfully, the first thing in its path was an uninhabited outer planet, but that won't be the case when the anomaly fires again...

In the Line of Fire