In the Line of Fire (Excalibur-A)

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In the Line of Fire Mission Profile

Stardate 239202.11

The Prometheus Station has gone silent, and it's got people worried.

Around the galaxy, Starfleet is mobilizing everything its got. With new ships being commissioned just to investigate a growing number of anomalies that have come into existence after the station's silence began, and old ships heading out as well, many people at the highest levels are wondering if the two events are as intertwined as they seem. As one of the newly commissioned ships, the USS Excalibur A has been tasked with taking a closer look at one such anomaly located within the boundaries of a newly discovered Trade Alliance in the Afehirr sector. Being the ship that made first contact with the people of the Alliance, the Excalibur has been welcomed to the area and would maintain peaceful ties with those in the area while they look into the anomaly.

As the crew makes their way to the sector, however, things get more dire. A kind of energy wave is shot from the center of the anomaly, which is yet to be labeled as natural or manmade. The blast of energy moves through space wrecking destruction on everything in its path. Thankfully, the first thing in its path was an uninhabited outer planet, but that won't be the case when the anomaly fires again...