Consequences (Excalibur-A)

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Mission Summary

It has been months since the Excalibur crew last dealt with the Romulans, but now news is filtering in that will draw them once more into conflict with the once-proud race--and face to face with the consequences of their own actions.



  • Hatham Irsesse Solius - A former colonist of Lambda Hydrae, he has obtained a warship and taken up arms against federation targets, driven by rage at what he believes to be a biological weapon generated by starfleet. He now leads the Ralaaram Ocala.
  • Becca Skyfire - A cousin of Chythar Skyfire (on his mother's side), neither of them know of each other's existence. Becca becomes a target when Hatham learns of her presence in the Onias sector, where she's part of an asteroid mining operation, mining the rare and now-more-in-demand-than-ever mineral benamite.


Pertinent Information

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