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The Armoury is the second most secure room in the Hazard Team Complex its location is a highly restricted area and requires a voiceprint upon entry. The room is sealed with a level 10 forcefield and can only be accessed by Hazard Team Personnel; this is to ensure that the highly advanced weaponry doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Access can only be gained from the main corridor, once inside the armoury built into the outside walls are ... weapons lockers, each categorised by the weapon themselves. In the centre of the room is a 300degree console for the Armoury Officer on duty to use and carry out repairs and cleaning as well as keeping track of every weapon in stock. Along the wall immediately to your right upon entry are spare equipment lockers.


The Hazard Team Complex carries three types of weaponry, Standard Weaponry, Specialist Weaponry and Advanced Classified Weaponry. As the USS Discovery-B only houses a small team, there isn't a wide range of weaponry like you would find at a main base. Hazard Team Personnel are allowed personal weapons but they must be registered with the Armoury, it is an offense not too.

Weapons Manifest

Standard Weaponry

  • Locker One: 30 x Type-II Hand Phasers
  • Locker Two: 30 x Type-III Phaser Rifle
  • Locker Three: 30 x Compression Phaser Rifle

Specialist Weaponry

  • Locker Four: 30 x Enhanced Compression Rifle
  • Locker Five: 30 x Federation Assault Rifle
  • Locker Six: 5 x Quantum Burst Launcher
  • Locker Seven: 10 x Sniper Rifle
  • Locker Eight: 30 x Infinity Modulator - (I-MOD)
  • Locker Nine: 5 x Isomagnetic Disintegrator
  • Locker Ten: EMPTY

Advanced Classified Weaponry

  • Locker Eleven: 5 x Romulan Disruptor
  • Locker Twelve: 2 x Attrexian Arc Launcher
  • Locker Thirteen: EMPTY
  • Locker Fourteen: EMPTY
  • Locker Fifteen: EMPTY


The Hazard Team must be able to carry out all different kinds of Missions ranging from Search & Rescue to Search & Destroy in order to do this they must have the most up-to-date equipment Starfleet has to offer, because of this the Hazard Team aboard the USS Discovery-B have their own equipment. The Hazard Team Complex carries two types of equipment: Standard Equipment and Specialist Equipment.

Equipment Manifest

Standard Equipment

  • Locker Sixteen: 30 x Armband Tricorder (Also known as Feild Tricorders)
  • Locker Seventeen: 30 x Mark VI Tricorder
  • Locker Eighteen: 25 x Mark VII Tricorder
  • Locker Nineteen: 10 x Federation Head Mounted Camera
  • Locker Twenty: 100 x Portable Personal Weapons Case
  • Locker Twenty One: 50 x Large Weapons Container

Specialist Equipment

  • Locker Twenty Two: 20 x Biodamper Armbands
  • Locker Twenty Three: 2 x Portable Emergency Transmitter
  • Locker Twenty Four: 10 x Forcefield Generator
  • Locker Twenty Five: 10 x Transport Inhibitor
  • Locker Twenty Six: EMPTY
  • Locker Twenty Seven: EMPTY
  • Locker Twenty Eight: EMPTY
  • Locker Twenty Nine: EMPTY
  • Locker Thirty: EMPTY