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Primary operational control of the Ronin Class Vessel is provided by the Main Bridge, located at the top of the primary hull. It is located on Deck 1. The Main Bridge directly supervises all primary mission operations and coordinates all departmental activities. The Bridge is a highly restricted area; only Beta-Two security clearance personnel (Officers with the Rank of Ensign or Higher) and authorized bridge personnel are allowed on the bridge. All bridge stations are equipped with a type II phaser for personal safety for bridge officers in the event of a boarding party or accident. In the event of an emergency, the highest ranking Bridge Officer takes command if the Captain or First Officer are not present.

The major feature of the bridge is the command chair. It is from this seat that the Commanding officer keeps things running. It also provides access to the library computer and some of the basic functions of the various stations around the bridge, though controls that are more comprehensive can be routed there on command.

However, it is not the chair, but the man who keeps the ship running, and it is really only when occupied by the appropriate person, in this case Captain Waltas, that the command chair has any good and useful purpose.

The Bridge is connected via two turbolifts to the rest of the ship, as well as sharing Deck 1 with the Captain's Ready Room , a Conference/Briefing Room , and the FO's office.

A Tour of the Bridge

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