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USS Constitution-B


Paul Diamond

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Resigned
  • Rank: Commander
  • Race: Human/Brikar

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Physical Statistics

  • Birthdate: 08/16/2356
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Terran / Brikar
  • Place of Birth: Eagle, Nebraska
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Height: 6' 2


  • Mother: Diamond, Margret - Medical
    • Head of Personnel, Eagle Methodist Hospital.
    • Former Head of Emergency Medicine - Eagle Methodist Hospital.
  • Father: Daniel Diamond - Agriculture.
    • Holds doctrine in Horticulture. Teaches at Community College.
  • Siblings: Janet Cornet - Divorced; one child, daughter
    • Teaches at local Elementary School and coaches city swim team
  • Fiancé: Julia Harden
  • Children: NONE


Biographical information


Born on August 16 in the year 2356 to the parents of Daniel and Margaret Diamond in the maternity ward at Eagle Methodist Hospital, Paul Diamond first breaths came three weeks early and were difficult for him to take for his lungs weren’t fully developed yet. He wasn’t able to leave the hospital for a couple weeks but when he did his parents were warned to watch him closely for any other problems.

With his mother being a doctor of emergency medicine at the same hospital, and father holding a doctrine in horticulture, Paul was raised on a farm out side the city as a normal child doing everything by hand in the old fashion way. Though his build was smaller than the normal boy his age, to watch him playing with his friends and older sister Janet, you’d never know there was anything wrong.

Having a highly competitive spirit, Paul would become frustrated with his sister as she excelled at both individual and team sports winning titles and tournaments, Paul decided the only way he could beat her was on the academic field instead of the athletic field. He poured all of his energy in to his books and classes. It was here that he found, and fell in love with, the Renaissance Period. Tales of knights, dragons, damsels in distress, King Arthur’s court led him to flights of fancy. As a reward for good grades, his family took him to a Renaissance Fair where he was like a child in a candy shop. It was here that he had his first chance to fire a bow, which he seemed to have a knack for, and found the one sport he could excel at and maybe beat his sister at, archery.

As he entered High School, Paul decided to follow in his parent’s footsteps and go into science. He had shown a natural ability to both medicine and agriculture that he focused on both. He still found time for his other passion, archery. He joined the Renaissance Fair and help at the archery range. As he grew older he started to help in the reconstructions of events in the past and thoroughly enjoyed those. He also started to win archery Tournaments, eventually beating his sister. For his 16th birthday, he received a book detailing how to create your own bow from scratch by hand. After that, he started to make his own bows and soon became proficient at it.

Diamond spent a lot of time with his mother watching her at the hospital and learning how to treat the person as well as the disease. Although he also worked with his father, Paul found himself helping with the livestock than with the crops. All of his hard work paid off when he was offered to go and study at the Vulcan Academy of Science in his junior year. There he developed his skill for research and pathology, which like his archery, he surpassed all of his instructors expectations, especially one named T'Ping. But he couldn’t shake the longing he felt for the hands on the medical field gave him. He spent his senior year back on Earth where not only graduated as Valedictorian, but also won the State Archery Championship.

Soon after graduation Paul received his acceptance at Star Fleet Academy. Once there he took courses that headed him on the medical track. He did very well in those, but struggled with the technical ones. With the help of his roommate he was able to pass those as well. He joined the Archery team and helped them win multiple championships where he earned the nickname Robin Hood by splitting an arrow in his final shot of his final tournament. After graduating, he went into Medical School where he fine-tuned his skill of Emergency Surgery and Research. He also took courses in Pathology and Zoology. To keep his shill sharp, he coached the campus archery team and started a Mid-Evil Recreation Club for those interested.

Although he had a normal, healthy childhood, Paul’s lack of physical activity growing up produced a slight, although tall, body frame with little muscle tone. Thanks to the competition he had as a child with his sister, he did learn how to swim and dive competitively, and being around farm animals became a proficient rider and learned how to fire his bow while at a cantor on a horse. Growing up on a farm, Paul is somewhat shy and still a little naive, especially where the opposite sex is concerned. He has been known to be very loyal to his friends, which he makes easily, but is also known to be a practical joker.

Through his time during re-enactments, Paul learned how to handle a variety of swords and has become a competent fencer. Along with the equipment needed for these re-enactments, a set of Leather mail, Long Sword, Long Bow, and dagger, he also owns a Dragool, a native creature of Vulcan that resembles a mythical dragon on Earth, which was given to him as a gift from his old instructor T'Ping.


USS Nemesis-B


Immediately graduating from Medical School, Paul was assigned as Medical Officer on board the USS Nemesis B where he quickly made a name for himself. On his first away mission he encounter the Borg and was able to transport two drones back to Sick Bay. With what he learned from his subjects, he was able to transplant a Trill Symbiant from the Borg host into another host and return the other to normal. After this he was given the position as Chief Medical Officer.

His next mission was to the planet of Hromi 4 where he was a part of a team that was suppose to assess the planets readiness for first contact. While there, their cover was blown and they were taken into custody where one perished and 3, including Paul, faced a firing squad. After being rescued by the captain, they all headed back to Earth with their report where the captain was arrested for breaking the Prime directive. Upon arriving back on Nemesis, Paul was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade for his actions on the planet by the new captain.

After a medical emergency where Paul died and was brought back again from injuries sustained during the last mission, he did more research on the Borg drones and was able to develop a serum that counter acted the fluid the Borg injected into their victims. Unfortunately, this needed to be administered close to when the Borg injected the victim. The opportunity came to test his serum when the Borg attacked the ship and a crewman was assimilated. When Paul was able to finally help her, she was already 90 % assimilated but through emergency steps, and some un-orthodox procedures, he was able to save her and return her to normal with little complications.

Although the procedure was successful, Paul was brought up on charges of putting a crewman in danger to forward his own ambitions by using an untried and tested procedure. He was brought back to Earth, to Star Fleet Medical, where he stood trial, and was defended by his new girl friend Himoana Kays, where he was found Not Guilty of all charges (Transcripts available upon request). While awaiting a new ship since the Nemesis was destroyed during the encounter with the Borg, Paul taught a class at the Academy on treating Borg injuries and took a couple of classes himself. His procedure is now being refined at Star Fleet Medical and should be made available to all ships.

His next, and ironically the last mission for the Nemesis was a relief mission of earthquake victims where he and his medical team shined in their aid to the survivors. The Nemesis was decommissioned immediately after this mission at SB-118 where he found out what his next post was to be. After an emotional ceremony and a couple of tearful goodbyes, Paul left for his new post aboard the USS Constitution B.

USS Constitution-B


While on the Constitution B, Paul took a step down the Assistant Chief Medical Officer, but with his Chiefs permission, continued to act like he was running sickbay. Although he was new to the ship, he made friends quickly, one being a Lt. Tolipan from Engineering. Together, they went on their first away mission to recover Cardassian prisoners where most of the team was injured leaving Paul, the Chief Science Officer Cura Assanti and another Science Officer, Xoet, to rescue the prisoners. As it turned out, Lt. Assanti also needed rescuing from a Klingon Officer who had kidnapped her from the team. With the help from the rescued Cardassians, Paul launched a rescue for the Lt. where he faced the Klingon, disarmed him, {fortunately for him the Klingon used a dagger instead of a Batleth} and rescued the Lt.

After a short rest at DS9, Paul’s team rejoined the Constitution and headed to Brikar to investigate the disappearance if the USS Hermes. Paul went to the planet with Lt. Commander Stone, and Lt’s Assanti and Yladro. There, her had a run in with who turned out to be his double from an alternate universe and had a confrontation with him which he lost and was left for dead. Thanks to an infusion of Brikain DNA, Paul’s life was saved, although the side affects were unknown, it was believed his strength, and his speed and healing properties would be greatly advanced for a Terran. Soon after his quick recovery, Paul faced his double and defeated him by a sword thrust.

The next mission took him the planet Gorn where another side effect began to manifest. He began to hear a voice, and see images of his double, Sniper, every now and again. After discussions with Counselor Stone {formerly Assanti} and Captain Hebron, he found out it was his subconscious giving a face to a new warrior spirit that had developed from the Brikarn DNA. He knew, with help, that it would be an uphill to control this new side of him.

Star Fleet Medical gave his final mission on board the Constitution to him. He was to go to Kepos Prime, investigate a colony of reject Borg drones, and see why they weren’t fully assimilated. From what he discovered, all the drones were mixed breeds and a chemical excreted from their appendix was what kept the Borg solution from fully assimilating them. With this information, and with help form Lt. Commander KitiganZibi, Paul was able to refine his serum developed before into a more powerful, and better serum, which he was able to use on most of the rejected drones.

While on Kepos Prime, he was placed in command while the rest of the Command staff was off on different missions. While in command, he made sure the colony they were setting up was completed, but when the captain and his group returned, the colony came under attack from the remaining Borg drones and was destroyed.

Not all of his time was spent on missions though; he did spend time on R & R. He spent time on Sol III visiting his family after the Brikar mission where his temper began to manifest; visited Lt. Yladro’s family estate, and spent time relaxing on Starbase 118 numerous times. He also won the TOSMA II Award and the Constitution’s First Officer’s Good Egg Award while assigned to the ship.

-Note: Counselor Stone’s Psychological Report Mr. Diamond presents as an exceptional physician with extensive medical training. Yet with the addition of Brikar DNA, presented to save his life during a dangerous mission, Mr. Diamond's mannerisms and often his mood have altered slightly over the course of time. (Time period being from Brikar DNA introduction into said patients' blood stream). A phenomenon has occurred with Mr. Diamond, a rare, but particularly unexplained and quite invading personality, seems to take over control of Mr. Diamond, which has caused him much suffering and unexplained actions in certain situation where this personality, (known as Sniper) takes over. It is hoped that with extensive and disciplined training and meditations, as well as, sessions with a qualified counselor, Mr. Diamond's situation would get better.

Lt. Commander Cura Stone Counselor


USS Kodiak/Triumphant

Soon after the Borg Mission, Paul was transferred to the USS Kodiak as her Chief Medical Officer along with Lt. Commander Merigold KitiganZibi/Hebron who became the ships Counselor, but that came with a drop in rank to Lt.. Paul found himself in unfamiliar territory, not only was he on a new ship, but he was also in command of a friend that he was used to seeing as an equal. His stay on the Kodiak, however, wasn’t long; he was soon transferred to Starbase 17 as a Mission Specialist.

USS Victory


Once there, Paul found out that Romulan’s who, on a secret station, was using his research to create stronger Romulan warriors in order to attack the Federation intercepted his research on Borg DNA. Paul went through a series of training scenario’s to prepare him for his mission and soon found himself on the Romulan Station. After meeting his contact, he found the stolen research, erased all traces of it from their computers and set into motion a virus to destroy their own research as well. Of course a mission like this didn’t go off without a hitch, while he was trying to leave, he ran into a group of Star Fleet officers disguised as Romulan’s, trying to rescue Federation Marines from the very station. Paul joined the group of officers, and at one time, after allowing himself to be captured to give the officers a chance to mount the rescue, was able to let his Sniper persona loose on a Romulan Officer that was trying to interrogate him. He left the station with said officers to their ship, the USS Victory.

While he was on board, he was offered the job of First Officer of the vessel, which he accepted, and his first duty was to investigate the disappearance of the ship’s counselor’s mother. Needless to say, he isn’t as good a detective as he is a doctor, he couldn’t figure out where she went. He knew how, a “vessel” entered the Mess Hall through the ships hull, she entered it, and it left the same way, but in didn’t show up on the sensors.

It seemed that vessel did more than abduct one of their member’s, it seemed to through off all of the ships systems and the Victory started to have system wide failures and malfunctions. It was then that the Victory received a new member of her crew, and Paul was reunited with an old friend, Lt. Commander Cura Assanti/Stone as Chief Science Officer. After a quick reunion, the two, along with Lt. Fanel, Chief of Security, went to investigate the malfunctions. During the investigation, Paul was injured, receiving a concussion, which allowed the persona of Sniper to gain control of the body. What ensued was a wild goose chase through out the ship between the three with Cura and Fanel trying to subdue Diamond/Sniper where twice they came to blows with swords and phasers. After a brief rest, Paul was finally able to control the Sniper persona after coming to terms with the changes the Brikarn DNA was doing to his personality. After everything was said and done, the Sniper persona, through Paul’s hands, injured two crewmen including Lt. Commander Cura Stone. Because of this episode, Paul has been removed from duty pending medical and psychological evaluations.

Service History

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