Diamonds Personal Log

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Diamond's Personal Log

Stardate 238308.27

After returning to the ship with Captain Avatar, Julia and I took Sheila to my quarters were present to witness the most miraculous event we’ve ever seen, the birth of baby Dragools. Soon after, I was called down to the docking ring where I was surprised by not only my old Head Nurse from the Conny and Kodiak, but she also had Merigold’s baby, Abey. After reading the note that they brought, they are now long-term visitors on the ship until they can safely return to the Triumphant. Computer, End Log

Stardate 238308.27

Just met Admiral Decilla, she isn’t one to piss of or have mad at you. She gave Julia and myself a lot to chew on, things that made me nervous. I also talked to Cura afterwards, in private. The way she has been acting has had me worried; after knowing her for so long, she isn’t acting normally. After talking to her, I found out she is missing John, her husband, greatly, almost to the point it could affect her performance. I will have to keep an eye on her. Computer, End Log

Stardate 238308.14

Julia showed up a little early for dinner, but everything was ready, only a few added touches were needed. The dinner was a classic Italian dinner with soft piano music for atmosphere. They finished the evening with small talk in the living area of the room where fatigue, and the wine, finally took over Julia and she fell asleep on my sofa. After covering her up, I continued to set my quarters up in the way that made me comfortable, though I am not sure if it is still quite right. When Julia wakes, we’ll go see the Captain to see to her progress. Computer, End Log

Stardate 238308.09

With Julia coming over for dinner to discuss Robin's treatment, I have to clean up my quarters, or at least make them presentable for company. Shiela's things have been delivered before the de-compression of the Cargo Bay, which reminds me, I have to create a birthing area for her soon, as well as research the pregnacy of the Dragool. There was a letter from Janet, my sister, in her shipping crate, I will read it after Julia leaves tonight. ::door chime:: She's here already, Computer, end log.

Stardate 238307.29

I need to relinquish command; I don’t know if the crew trusts me or not after what Sniper did while in control, and I don’t know if Cura will ever forgive him/me for what happened to her, let alone John {her husband}. I am currently heading to Sickbay to have the doctor relieve me until we can prove I am mentally, as well as physically fit for command.

Stardate 238307.04

Finally, after many hours, no…years, of inner searching, I have been able to merge all of my inner personalities into one personality. This happened when I finally realized I was pushing the warrior spirit, whom my sub-conscious gave the image of Sniper from an alternate universe, instead of accepting it as part of me. After realizing this, I was able to regain control of my body. Now I have to live with what the Sniper persona did while in control.