Dewey's Express Cargo Service

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Dewey's Express Cargo Service is a major interstellar shipping & receiving and supply chain management company. There motto is When you need it there at light speed, you call Dewey’s.

In 2393, Joseph Washington, then CO of the USS Invicta told his new first officer Tristam Core to clean up his beard, stating "This is the Federation Starfleet, not Dewey's Express Cargo Service. Have some pride in your appearance."

In 2396, the Orion Syndicate used Dewey's Express Cargo Service to deliver a small trinket with the words "Employee of the Month" to Ensign Oshovir Ch'chileth on Ketar V in the Shoals.

In 2397, after her first officer Sky Blake brought concerns that the crew of the USS Veritas was being pushed hard, Captain Roshanara Rahman responded, "This isn't Dewey's Express Cargo Service. They know what they signed up for."