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Deluvia system

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The Deluvia system is a unary star system in the Tyrellian Sector, located in the Beta Quadrant. It has no native sentient species, and has been colonised by the Federation, an endeavour primarily led by the Selkie who have established multiple underwater settlements.


Deluvia is a unary star system, its single star yellow-white in colour and bearing many similar characteristics to Sol.

Name Classification Mass
Deluvia G (Yellow) 1.15 5980 4.5

Planets and Moons

Deluvia IV

  • Classification: Class-M planet (77% water)
  • Population: ≈ 500 million
  • Moons: One moon, Deluvia IVa. Uninhabited.

The major colony in the system, Deluvia IV is renowned as a tropical paradise. This is true to an extent; due to the absence of an axial tilt, most of the population lives near the equator, in the tropical zone. Outside of these areas, the climate and geography become rapidly more inhospitable, and is mostly home to researchers and brave (some would say foolish) pioneers.

In 2396, the colony played host to Starfleet's New Horizons conference.

Every year the Deluvian Regatta takes place, allowing entries from non-locals.

Notable Locations

  • Iyira: The capital city, located underwater. Incorporates the natural underwater caves as shops, bars and restaurants. Parts of the city are fully flooded and used by the Selkie and those with suitable diving equipment, while others maintain a standard oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere through a combination of architecture and forcefields.

They passed over the reef and dove along a path marked with anchored, floating lights. Just outside of the marked path she saw a colorful group of Selkies swimming — their equivalent of going on a jog, she supposed. The submarine passed myriad schools of fish eventually stopping at a landing to let its passengers off into part of the city full of breathable air made possible by the force fields holding back tons of salt water.

It was breathtaking.

She followed the passengers from her sub down the footpath until it widened to reveal a city. She hadn't been expecting underwater skyscrapers — what would a skyscraper that doesn't reach into the sky even be called, anyway? — or as many colors of buildings as there were colors of coral.

Where was she going again?

She pulled up the map she'd downloaded to her PADD the night before -- Ichiya Market, maybe eight blocks away, though the city architecture flowed so gracefully she wasn't sure "blocks" was the right term either. She oriented herself and set off through the city toward the market, avoiding the roads that dove into water for the amphibious residents.

  • N'Vea Hospitals: A large medical facility specialising in trauma and rehabilitation, named for a famous Vulcan physician and philosopher.
  • Cochtois Lagoon: A popular resort with beachside and on water villas.
    • The Emerald Reef Hotel: One of the most frequently visited hotels in the Cochtois Lagoon. Mainly because the underwater rooms give a magnificent view on the ocean life.
  • Woncaccia Peak: One of the highest rock walls that gives a fabulous view of the surrounding glaciers and valleys.


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