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((Conference Room 1, Deck 1))

::Greir had smuggled the box that had come off Deep Space 6 into the conference room like a squirrel hoarding a nut. He’d been waiting on this coming all day, as if he’d never seen its contents before… He’d actually done what he was about to do a couple of times now but this was the first time he was doing it as the Commanding Officer of the Darwin and if he thought it was going to be something special for himself he wondered how Kael would feel about it.::

Reinard: =/\= Commander Reinard to all senior Staff and Ensign Black, meet me in conference room 1 in 15 minutes. =/\=

((OOC: For those of you who haven’t done this before, all senior staff includes all player characters (PCs) ))

::The senior bridge staff were among the first to arrive, Greir greeted them as they arrived and enquired about their shore leaves. Kael soon took his seat next to him at the head of the table. Once everyone had arrived and sat around the long conference table he got the meeting underway. ::

Reinard: Welcome back from shore leave, I hope you managed to get some quality down time. As you’ve no doubt spotted already we’ve had our first crew shuffle and have a few new officers joining us. Welcome to Commander Brice, our new counsellor. She is replacing Lieutenant Orrey who is moving over to science to take over the role of assistant chief, so congratulations to him for the promotion. Lieutenant JG Baker is joining the engineering department and Ensigns Carter and Loren join the security and tactical department under Lt Cmdr Edwards.

Thomas: Response

Brice: Response(s)

Carter: Response

Loren: Response

Anyone: Response

::With the new officers officially introduced and welcomed to the senior staff it was time to hand out a few awards and thank his officers for the hard work and dedication to the last, difficult mission. There were a couple of promotions too for a couple of officers who had really distinguished themselves during the mission in which they had prevented the extinction of all life on the planet of Talvath, saving a great many of the Romulan colonists and giving them back their future. ::

Reinard: Lieutenant James, please join me at the front.

::He waited on his chief engineer getting up and joining him before standing up and continuing with what he wanted to say. ::

Reinard: Lieutenant, during the last mission you distinguished yourself in many ways. Your work on crippled utility systems contributed greatly to the away team’s efforts to restore clean water supply and power. I know there’s still work to be done in both cases but the work you did certainly gives them a good starting point. For that and the bravery you displayed I am proud to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander with all of the responsibilities and privileges that come along with it. Congratulations!

::He opened the rosewood boxes and took out the half pip, proudly pinning it to James’s collar while some of the others took the opportunity to congratulate him. He had to admit that this was probably his favourite part of the job and it probably was for most Captains. It was a great feeling to be able to recognise officers for their hard work and dedication. ::

Thomas: Response

Baker: Response

Anyone: Response

::He waited until the round of applause quietened down before continuing. There was one more promotion he was going to make today. This Ensign had distinguished himself as a result of his contributions towards finding the cure that helped the population of Talvath with the difficult to treat Trilithium poisoning that would have wiped them all out otherwise. He’d saved a great many lives on the planet as well and was very much deserving of his new half pip. ::

Reinard: Ensign Corbin, please join me.

::Greir remained standing and as before he waited until Corbin had a chance to get up and join him before saying what he wanted to say. He didn’t consider himself unusually small but still had to look up a bit since the officer was so tall.::

Reinard: Your involvement in the medical research team has touched the lives of countless Romulans. You’ve proven yourself to be a great asset to the medical team and the ship as a whole. I am proud to promote you to Lieutenant Junior Grade with all of the responsibilities and privileges that come along with it. Congratulations!

Thomas: Response

Malcolm: Response

Anyone: Response

::Moving on to the next part of the ceremony he had some awards to give out, which was why the senior staff also included a special guest today in the form of Ensign Black. ::

Reinard: Commander, would you care to help me with this next bit?

Thomas: Response

::He remembered how much he had enjoyed helping Diego with the awards ceremonies on the Vigilant. He hoped that Kael would get the same kind of satisfaction out of it as he handed out the awards to the deserving recipients. He had to wait for the applause to die down a little once again before he carried on. ::

Reinard: Great. Finally StarFleet have decided to award Commanders Thomas and James, Lieutenant Falcon, Ensign Black and myself with the Good Conduct Ribbon in recognition of outstanding conduct and actions during the last mission. Congratulations! We all worked under really difficult circumstances but came through in the end, so let’s keep up the high standards.

Thomas: Response

James: Thank you Sir

Black: Thank you Sir

Falcon: Response

::People offered their kind words or clapped in response and Greir beamed at the recipients. He gave Thomas his award, shook his hand and watched as he handed out the ribbons. The next award came in two grades and went some way to showing appreciation for just how many lives had been saved and how many of his officers had stepped up to preserve life. ::

Reinard: Our last mission was all about saving lives and the away team took the heaviest burden, going into a cramped, dirty triage with poor equipment and few adequately trained locals on the ground. Despite the very difficult situation they put the preservation of life above all else even when it wasn’t directly called for.

I am proud to present Commanders Thomas and James as well as Lieutenant Orrey, with the Lifesaving Ribbon. To Doctors Malcolm and Corbin go the silver Life Saving Ribbons. You have the gratitude of the Romulan people and myself.

::He didn’t want to embarrass newly promoted Commander James by drawing attention to the fact that it was his being injured that had led to this award being given as the silver lifesaving award was given for saving the life of another member of StarFleet. He gave Thomas his award first and then let him go around awarding the other officers with their awards.::

Thomas: Response

Orrey: Thank you sir.

Malcolm: Response(s)

Corbin: Response

::As the assembled officers showed their appreciation Greir got ready to give out the final award. It was one he hoped he wasn’t going to have to give out very often. ::

Reinard: Finally, for injuries sustained in the line of duty Commanders Thomas and James are awarded the Purple Heart. How are the two of you feeling after some down time?

Thomas: Response

James: Ready for duty, Captain. Vulcans are famously quite resilient.

::He gave Thomas his award and let him then give James his. He was about ready to close the meeting when the relief ops officer came and had a word in his ear. Deep Space 6 was on the comm and needed to talk to him urgently. He would need to take this in his ready room. ::

Reinard: Right folks, it’s time to get back to business then. We’re due to depart soon, so I want department reviews to be carried out while we await our orders. There have been a number of new additions to the crew lately so now is a good chance for department heads to touch base with their colleagues. Falcon, James, Brice, Orrey and Thomas, you’re on the bridge with me.

Falcon/Ness: Response

Brice: Response

Orrey: Orrey: Aye sir.

Reinard: I need to take a call in my ready room, so keep my seat warm. ::Smiling::

Thomas: Response

Reinard: Could be. There’s one way to find out.

::They all headed back onto the bridge with the people he hadn’t called heading down to their departments to put their heads together. He carried on and went straight into his ready room to find out what station personnel needed to talk to him urgently about. ::

Written By: Commander Greir Reinard

Tag Responses from: Lt Cmdr James, Lt Cmdr Edwards, Lt Orrey