Dahri asteroid belt

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Kivis Sector
Sigma Dorphus Sector
Free Haven Sector
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Federation Presence
  • None

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Dahri system Star  · I  · II  · III  · IV  · Belt


  • they orbit there star at approximately 278 to 294 million km
  • these asteroids are S-Type asteroids and have a stony, iron composition
  • see Asteroid Data for more information


  • unknown at this time


Scattered through out the entire asteroid belt are a large number of different types of satellites. The most common type is the electronic jamming satellite. It can block most scanning, communications and targeting systems. They have torpedo platform satellites that will target any and all foreign vessels. They have lots of mines also scattered through out the area as well. They will attach to and explode against the hull of any foreign vessel that comes with in range. They also have early warning scanning satellites that are not affected by the jammers.