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Homeworld: Gemulon III


Unknown at this time.


They have no central government. They have developed into large tribal groupings. Any native not a member of the same tribe is automatically an enemy and usually killed on sight.


The Gemulon people are on average about 4' to 5' tall. They have a deep reddish, almost a dark red brown skin tone. They have wide faces with large mouths. Their teeth are sharp fangs. They have black hair only on their heads with it being longer on females than on men.

They wear pants, shirts and jackets that tend to be a variety of earth or plant tones in color. For footwear all they do is wrap their feet with layers of rough cloth. They do the same to protect their hands.


While typical humanoids their are a few very noticable differences. First is that when giveing birth all females give birth to 4 to 6 babies at a time. The gestation period for babies is approximately half of one of their years. Dureing their fertile years a female can give birth to a full brood approximately once every year. A child grows to full adult hood in about 10 years.


They have no use for the weak or outsiders of any kind. Survival is both a tribal and an individual concern with the two sometimes at odds.


Unknown at this time.


Unknown at this time.


They have no concept for marrage. Males and females are free to be with whoever they want. It is not uncommon for a female to switch partners anytime they want. If a male wants a female he just takes her. Children are the property of the tribe. No formal mother, father relationship exists.

Their are no old, weak or disabled people anywhere in any community.


They do not seem to have any at this time.


After any battle they usually have a big feast. Every member of the tribe looks forward to this time. It is not quite a party atmosphere but the people do rejoice as this is the only time they get protein in their diet.


They are metal workers who use man power to do all their work.


No formal military, however every male and in some cases the females have at least some basic weapons near them at all time.

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