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Homeworld: Devinon VI


According to their histories their race originated in the Galvis Trench, a deep section of the ocean. As they evolved over time they changed from water breathers to air breathers. They believe this was caused by changeing factors in their worlds environment. Now they occupy most of the oceans of their world except the Galvis Trench.


The Mantra do not seem to have any form of government. Their culture seems to be so cooperative and relaxed that formal organization of any kind is not needed.


The Mantra people resemble a terran manta ray like mammal with graceful lines and soft gray coloring. Their bellies are usually white or a very pale gray. They have optical sheaths which cover and provide protection for their eyes which are located on the top and forward edge of their flat heads. They breath through the mouth and unlike dolphin's they do not have a blow hole in the top of their heads.

Their arms resemble kite like wings which extend from their heads out to the ends of their arms and then back to where they have a long narrow flat tail that they use like a rudder. At the end of these arms, just past where the wings end are 4 webbed fingers that are extremely nimble. They have no other limbs.


A true aqautic life form they are more at home in the water but can breath normal oxygen with out needing a breathing device. They also need to submerg their bodies in warm salt water for at least an hour every 5 hours or their skin may dry out causeing serious medical problems.


They are a laid back, relaxed people with absolutely no history of any mental illness anywhere among their people. They treat any and all beings as equals.


They believe all life is inter connected, and because of that all creatures regardless of what they look like are brothers. Their beliefs are that we are all children of the universe. That one spark created life. Life that flourished and divided. Spread accross the universe, becoming all the different liveing beings now alive everywhere.


Brotherhood of Life

The ocean is the mother of all life, regardless of the world of origin. They treat any and all scientific data that supports this idea as mythic evidence of the brotherhood of all liveing things.

Lost City of Galvis

The only other myth has to do with both the deep dive and the last swim. Both of these ancient customs origins are lost in the mists of time. But they both involve the Galvis Trench a 3 mile long 400 meter wide gash in the oceans floor. According to ancient myth the Mantra race originated within their trench. In fact according to the myth their long lost city of Galvis was built along the bottom of the trench.


They have a peaceful society with great emphases put on the knowledge of the old over the impetious actions of the young at heart.


They have melodic songs and a very compelling history of graceful water ballet that is mesmerizeing to watch.


Deep Dive

For the most part, most of the oceans that cover the planet are shallow. However their is one section of extremely deep water. Once inside this 3 mile by 400 meter wide gash in the oceans bottom it is not long before the water becomes midnight dark and very cold. No one knows just how deep the Galvis Trench is.

Once in ever Mantra's life, just before they become an adult they are expected to make the deep dive. This must be done with out the use of any special equipment. They start on the surface and then dive. They must enter the trench and deep inside find and retreive a small piece of albino seaweed that only grows along the side of the trench.

Last Swim

Every Mantra can sense when they are getting close to the end of their life. When they reach this conclusion they will swim to the Galvis Trench. Then after taking one last look at the night sky they will take a deep breath and dive. Entering the trench never to be seen again.


While they have no space technology they do know they are not the only race living among the stars. They just have no interest in leaving their world. Their other technologies are also less advanced than that of any of the space fareing races around them.


They have no military forces.

Starfleet Intelligence Files

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