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Sister Cruella is a vampire Reman female encountered by the crew of the USS Discovery-B. Formerly a prisoner, she is currently a bartender.

Vampire Remans differ from normal Remans in that they are more akin to the vampiric creatures of Terran folklore. (Or perhaps this is best stated as "even more akin to vampires" than most Remans.)


  • Name: Cruella
  • Honorific: Sister
  • Race: Reman
  • Date of Birth: unknown
  • Age: Ancient
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: unknown
  • Diet: Hematophage


  • Height: Short
  • Weight: Nearly-emaciated
  • Posture: Hunched
  • Hair Color: Bald scalp, black body hair
  • Eye Color: Brown, big, her pupils appear to glow yellow when light is shone on them
  • Teeth: Nightmarish, interlocking, and pointed
  • Ears: Large, pointed and extremely sensitive, somewhat bat-like
  • Build: Slender, almost skeletal
  • Voice: Musical, pleasant, often enchanting, higher tones than Reman males (sounding both somewhat eastern European, somewhat like priestess T'Pau from TOS)
  • Handedness: Sinister.
  • Clothing: Completely concealing, often black

Cruella appears much like the classic vampires of Earth's folklore. She is usually quiet, compelling, sickly and funereal. Her eyes are sunken, big, soulful brown (most Remans' eyes are bright yellow) and reflect light like a cat's. She has full lips. Her teeth are monstrous fangs - Some overlapping, some interlocking, with a vicious purpose. Although her limbs are emaciated, her joints are knobby with taut cords of muscle. Her skin is the palest white.


Using her powers, Cruella often appears to others in a much more pleasant manner than her actual physiology. Not always used for manipulation, the false appearance Cruella places in viewers' minds is as often for protecting herself and them. Typical alterations to her image make her seem regal, of a different race, attractive, or less threatening. She is capable of appearing differently to multiple viewers simultaneously. Cruella's altered image is a mental projection, and will not be recorded or otherwise detected by machinery or electronics. Her glamour trickery affects intelligent persons and lower animals as well.


Cruella is an ascetic, having few possessions or vices. She always avoids light. Cruella has no fear of death. Her faith is strong, her life is mostly suffering, death can only offer her more than it takes. She is cautious and deliberate. Cruella is a Healer. Her devotion to helping those who are sick, injured, or in pain is second only to her religious faith. She is a pacifist and would rather suffer than cause harm to others. Cruella feels only the most remote sense of kinship with Romulans or Remans belonging to the Orcus Sect.


  • Domination: she may exert her will directly over others, especially weak personalities
  • Gaze: her gaze is always compelling, regardless of her intentions
  • Glamour: like the sidhe, Cruella can project a powerful image either regal, stunning, or enchanting
  • Grip: as per classical vampires her grip is like cold iron and sometimes saps strength
  • Night vision: Cruella is not hindered by darkness
  • Telepathy: she can read the thoughts of others and coherently project her own thoughts

Cruella has exhibited powers of glamour, mental domination and telepathy. She is also capable of seeing in the dark.


Sister Cruella is heliophobic. Her fear of light is easily used against her. Cruella is hyper-photosensitive. Light can not only burn her skin, but prolonged exposure to intense light will kill her. Pacifism - Some persons and/or cultures regard this an exploitable weakness.


  • Spouse:


Cruella's religion is central to her life. She is a Sister of The Sacred Heart, a Reman ascetic order devoted to healing and pacifism. Among her Sisters, Cruella held a special role - Envoy to the galaxy. Impressive though that may sound, it simply meant that Cruella was to find other sentient beings sympathetic to the cause of The Sacred Heart. Cruella's personal power is considerable, however, the principal factor in her being sent out as envoy was her appearance was judged "least terrifying" of her peers.

Recently Cruella completed her mission by contacting the crew of the Discovery. She was able to convince crewman second-class Wilhelmina Murray to preserve the ways of The Sacred Heart. Crewman "Mina" went so far as to enter the Sisterhood of The Sacred Heart with the blessings of Matron Annihilea and Sister Cruella's sponsorship.


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Sister Cruella is a PNPC for Inarr Rogg.


The primary literary sources for Cruella were "Carmilla" (1872) and the pleasure GELFs of "Red Dwarf" (1991).