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Crew of Discovery-C

Inarr Rogg


  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Counselor
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Race: Dachlyd

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Lieutenant commander Inarr Rogg is the counselor aboard the USS Discovery-C. (The -C is the successor to the crew's previous vessel, USS Discovery-B.) Inarr was formerly stationed aboard the USS Independence-A as a science officer, and prior to that on Starbase 118 as an engineering officer.


  • Full Name: Inarr "Sssteve" Rogg d'Squamos
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant commander
  • Race: Dachlyd entry at SB118, Dachlyd on Memory Alpha
  • Date of Birth: 235604.17
  • Place of Birth: The freighter Prana Naga in orbit over Gemaris V
  • Age: 44
  • Gender: Dachlyd (requires clarification; Dachlyds do not have gender as most humanoids do)
  • Telepathic status: 0 - See Telepathic/Empathic Scale


  • Height: 1.6 m (5' 3")
  • Length: 2.8 m (9' 4" nose to tail)
  • Weight: 100 kg (220 pounds)
  • Hair Color: N/A
  • Eye Color: Dull gray-green iris, slightly elliptical, black pupil.
  • Scale Tone: Light green with black striations. Light rust color hands and feet.
  • Birthmarks, Scars: A single, blue scale below the left eye.
  • Build: Fat head, tapering to a slim, pointy tail. Pectus carinatum - Dachlyd chests protrude outwards somewhat like a bird's.
  • Carriage: Due to limits of physiology, Dachlyds lack many of the graces of humanoid movement and Inarr is no exception. Use of a prosthetic suit enables Inarr more 'refined' walking and running.
  • Voice: Extended 'S' sounds, ranges from contrabass croaking to something like a squeak.
  • Handedness: Ambidextrous.

Upon first meeting one, most Terrans immediately compare Dachlyds to Earth iguanas. Inarr Rogg's scale coloration happens to be nearly identical to an Earth iguana as well although this is not universal of the Dachlyd species. Additionally, the Dachlyd are frequently mistaken for the Gorn. Inarr lacks many of the facial features humanoids enjoy- eyebrows, protuberant nose, and lips are conspicuously absent. Inarr has a crest or row of spines extending from the back of the head to the tail. Like all Dachlyds, Inarr possesses a dewlap (a scaly flap of skin below the neck). Inarr's body is covered in overlapping scales ranging in size from small upon the dewlap to the large scales of the subtympanic shields. Inarr's hands and feet have long, powerful fingers and toes which end in curved claws. Too often the unique features of Inarr's appearance are overlooked as the reptiloid is described briefly as "A big, creepy lizard".

Unless secluded in private quarters, Inarr is seen wearing a unique prosthetic suit. The suit monitors some vital signs (to include essential nutrientlevels) however, its primary function is to assist Inarr in maintaining a more human posture and gait. Although not necessary, the mechanics of the suit have reduced the fatigue Inarr first experienced while emulating humanoids in Starfleet. (A rough idea of Inarr Rogg's prosthetic can be imagined from the following wikis: HEV suit and Metroid)


  • Quarters: Tidy, spacious. Inarr's quarters are a bit inverted. The floor space is usually Spartan, the walls are hung with bags, mesh sacks, and always a canvas web hammock for sleeping. Many tools, instruments, specimens and other articles hang from the ceiling, far from the path of sweeping tails.
  • Favorite Room: Inarr prefers the isolation of a private room or room with a private distraction (small science laboratory, gaming lounge, meditation cell, a small room with a viewport). Additionally, Inarr appreciates the greenery of an arboretum.
  • Decorum: Inarr rigidly observes rank, title, and courtesy most of the time—the constant exception to this is that Inarr wants to be seen as approachable. To the end of being "familiar" Inarr Rogg will use nicknames when prompted or attempt humor.
  • Physical Limitations: Inarr's tail is not prehensile and tends to stick too far out. Also, Dachlyds are not particularly graceful while running, swaying humorously side-to-side.
  • Temperament: Peaceful. Although often regarded as an introvert, Inarr is exceptionally gregarious for a Dachlyd. Inarr tends to approach new devices, plants, and animals with curiosity, but unconsciously avoids unfamiliar people. Inarr tempers optimism with cautious planning when time permits.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: Lapsed.
  • Command: Inarr prefers to lead from the front, but skill and judgment in directing others are Inarr's primary assets as an officer. As a junior officer Rogg prefers to refrain from taking command, but wholeheartedly assumes leadership when necessary.

Inarr Rogg is courteous, polite, and much more approachable than the typical Dachlyd. Partly Inarr has a unique nature amongst Dachlyds, but mostly Inarr makes a conscious effort to socialize and to be diplomatic. Prior to Starfleet life, Inarr was more relaxed and laid-back. The hectic life demanded by the UFOP has required a bit of adjustment. When upset or exhibiting other signs of stress, Inarr Rogg's speech becomes significantly more reptiloid. Sometimes the strongly reptiloid expressions confuse universal translators (either being untranslatable or left as intentional emphasis). Because of an incident at Starfleet Academy with a specific cadet, the cadets in Inarr's dormitory began addressing the Dachlyd as "Steve" Rogg or merely "Sssteve".


Most of Starfleet service has put Inarr into unfamiliar situations, so at times Inarr may seem naïvely open to new experiences, races, et al. Other times Inarr reverts to more characteristic Dachlyd behaviors, becoming reclusive and stubborn. One of Inarr's defining characteristics is overcoming doubt, anxiety, and fear.


  • Large Mammals
    • Most all mammalian life native to the Dathis system is small and primitive. Inarr is suspicious and even fearful of any mammal larger than a goat. Inarr is also wary of uncommonly intelligent, smaller mammals.
  • Birds
    • No avian life dwells in or near the Dathis system. The behavior and appearance of birds often terrifies Inarr. Inarr is particularly afraid of Alibi. The sudden appearance of doctor Aven Morning-song at an officer's briefing plunged Inarr into a cataleptic state, though no one appeared to notice.
  • Pirates
    • In a cadet cruise retraining for active duty, Inarr realized an overpowering emotional reaction to the possible presence of Kzinti pirates. Inarr was raised aboard a merchant spaceship. Piracy, the loss of property or possibly a whole vessel, filled Inarr with confusion, anger, and finally paralyzing fear.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Likes
    • cargo bays
    • junark gourds
    • pigs in a blanket
    • power (from authority)
    • sailing
    • trees
  • Dislikes
    • aggression
    • crowds
    • ingestion of eggs


  • Spouse: Single.
  • Children: One clutch, hatched (238906.01).
    • 1: Dryad Blueheart (sable hued scales, yellow eyes)
    • 2: Vayu Blueheart (yellow snout, blending to fiery orange down the body, with red diamonds along the back and red hands, gray-green eyes like Inarr Rogg's)
    • 3: Essk Blueheart (silvery scales with a pattern of dark spots; named for Eskyys)
  • Parents
    • Father: Glykon Rogg
    • Mother: Inga Ramya
  • Siblings: Ki'na Ramya, (Inarr Rogg), Genka Rogg, Marragk Rogg

Inarr is the name given by Inarr's parents to name the hatchling Dachlyd. Rogg was Glykon Rogg's nest name; as Inarr was raised to be part of Glykon Rogg's nest, Inarr shares this name. Squamos is one of the regions of ancient Drax. "d'Squamos" can be equated to "of Squamos". (As a parallel, consider the name "Conan of Cimmeria".) The majority of Inarr Rogg d'Squamos's ancestors came from Squamos on Drax. Given that a large portion of Dachlyds spend their lives in space, actual place of birth is less relevant. (Except in the case of Dachlyd colonies.)

Cultural Obligations

  • Family: Inarr's closest ties are to Glykon Rogg and Inga Ramya. Glykon made many sacrifices raising Inarr. Both parents were instrumental in Inarr attending Starfleet Academy.
  • Tradition: Many Dachlyd traditions have been overlooked to place Inarr in a Starfleet career. Further, Inarr suspends many more customs every day of service.

Inarr Rogg is not a typical member of the United Federation of Planets. Inarr is a Dachlyd. More notably, Inarr is the first Dachlyd to pass through the Starfleet Academy. Inarr Rogg d'Squamos carries the burden of representing the entire Dachlyd race to the myriad cultures and people of Starfleet. Beyond the physical requirements unique to reptiloids, Inarr is bound to the values and traditions of the Dachlyd people.


Inarr Rogg has long desired to visit Drax and Inga Ramya. Inarr Rogg has often attempted to join the ranks of Starfleet scientists. (Currently Inarr's skill as an Engineer exceeds Inarr's accomplishments in science.) Shortly after Inarr Rogg was promoted to ACE by the CEO, the USS Discovery-B was attacked by a stolen Romulan vessel. Following this experience of highs and lows of leadership, Inarr longs to assume a more permanent position of leadership. This was further reinforced by Inarr's brief command of the Discovery during a mission within a Dyson sphere. Promotion to CEO has fulfilled part of Inarr's aspirations. More recently Inarr Rogg has performed experiments with photophobic plant samples from the planet Long Night; apart from curiosity, Inarr is attempting to gain further recognition in the Dachlyd scientific community. As Drax is a planet unique in its diverse amount of plant life, botanists are held in high regard. Inarr wishes to become a full commander. Although especially anxious about the level of interaction with others that would require, Inarr feels able to handle the decision making aspect.

(more details to come)

Sim Archive


  1. 235604.17: Hatched.
  2. 238605.27: Completed training at Starfleet Academy.
  3. 238605.29: Assigned to Starbase 118 as an Engineering Officer.
  4. 238606.01: Inarr witnesses the destruction of the USS Prospero from the Bridge of the Crazy Horse. The matter/anti-matter explosion and presumed death of the Prospero's entire crew stuns those aboard the USS Crazyhorse.
  5. 238610.25-238611.20 : Assigned to USS Independence-A as a Science Officer. During this post Inarr became close friends with the Iotian "Nickels".
  6. 238801.27: Assigned to USS Discovery-B.
  7. 238803.20: Promoted to ACE by Chief Engineer Eskyys of the USS Discovery-B.
  8. 238804.04: The Discovery is attacked while Inarr acts as Chief Engineer (in Eskyys' absence). The battle and resulting repair work test Inarr's skill like never before.
  9. 238805.01: Chief Operations Officer Eric Lundrigan and Inarr manage to rescue the Discovery's unfortunate Counselor Raj Blueheart. Raj had been stored in a Holodeck computer following a Transporter malfunction.
  10. 238807.07: Raj convinces Inarr to hatch Inarr's three eggs. Partly, Raj's insistence on helping encourages Inarr; alcohol also helps persuade the two into action. (see also the SIM)
  11. 238807.10: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade by Captain Tyr Jashin Waltas.
  12. 238809.28: Promoted to Lieutenant by Captain Tyr Jashin Waltas.
  13. 238901.24: With the disappearance of the senior officers Lieutenant Rogg becomes both Captain (Acting) and Chief Engineering Officer.
  14. 238903.15: With the retirement of Eskyys, Rogg is promoted to Chief Engineering Officer (CEO) by Tyr Jashin Waltas. (see also the SIM)
  15. 238906.01: Rogg and Blueheart's babies hatch. Being raised in Blueheart's quarters, they assume the first officer's surname rather than "Rogg".
  16. 238907.15: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander by Captain Tyr Jashin Waltas in a ceremony aboard starbase 285.
  17. 238911.12: The USS Discovery-C enters the Gurab system along the Romulan border. Combat ensues. (see also the SIM)
  18. 239006.13: Reassigned as Counselor.
  19. 239006.26: The crew of Discovery-C is subjected to some manner of mind control. Rogg and a few confederates have to rescue their Captain for the best chance at retaking the vessel. (see also the SIM)