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The native born Mirians live in or near their capitol city of Cru'ela. This is located on the largest continent Atlantium. It is situated on the east coast, on the north side of a large fresh water river. The land around it is fairly flat and extremely fertile. To the north about 32 km away are some mountains and to the south about 28 km away is a rugged terrain of dense woodlands and rough ground. Their is a lot of river traffic and it is large enought that most boats can travel up to 187 km inland.

This is the location of the first contact between the Federation and the survivors of the original colony on Miri IV. See Starfleet records File: Miri - 2266-2847-ENT for a complete record of the USS Enteprise actions on the surface of the planet at this time.

The city itself holds about 100,000 but could easily hold 4 times that number and appears to be a Terran city from the 20th century. It's previously decayed infrastructure and neglected buildings have mostly been repaired. The only truely new buildings in the city are the hospital, univerity and the Miri Government structure.

The rest of the 200,000 Mirians are scattered and live in or near 1 of 6 small communites that have been resettled since the catastrophy that almost wipped them out.

To the north of the city at the base of the mountains 38 km away is the village of Oreville which is a major mining community.

Far upriver about 185 km lies the farthest community of Riverdale, while just down river from them is Tattling at 124 km.

On the coast to the south is the village of Newport built on a small bay about 22 km away. To the north about 15 km and just inland 5 km from the coast and the Cru'ela Power Generation Facility lies the village of Techville.

Last of all is the largest community of Da'Vil which is about 49 km upriver from the city.

Important Citizens

President of Miri

Mordon Mandel is a tall 6', slim man with short black hair of 33 with a sardonic smile and a professional politicians manner. He wears black suits, smiles a lot and always wants to know what everyone wants.

Minster of Health

Selene De'Vil has long straight raven colored hair, pierceing blue eyes like her brother and a fantastic body. She is more reserved in her personality, and 6', 130 lbs. A true beauty with poise, she also has a well developed mind and is athletic as well. She is the sister to Chronus De'Vil.

Minister of Defense

Liam Kerchief is 5'10" and 200 lbs with a stocky frame and wide shoulders and deep chest. He has short black hair with lots of gray and is 52. He wears a lot of light colored clothes and smiles seldom. He has a very serious nature and a gravely voice.

Minister of Planetary Development

Natasha Kirinoff is a cool customer with short spiky black hair, 6' and 135 lbs. She wears dark form fitting clothes with extremely low plungeing necklines that show off her ample curves. She is 29 with a reserved smile, sharp pierceing blue eyes and a razor sharp tongue.

Key City Officials


The mayor of the city is Pan De'Monia, a tall 6', 175 lbs, slim graceful man with short curly brown hair, startleing aquamarine eyes and a soft honey toned voice. He is an excellent singer, musician and dancer with quite a reputation as a ladies man and a seducer of ladies virtue. He is always polite, charming and smiles a bright perfect white smile. His laugh is musical and his wit is enjoyable. A very intelligent man of 35 with a taste for the finer things. He has a sister Theia De'Monia.

Chief of Police

The Chief of Police is Polix Demarko. He is the twin brother of Castor. Both are 6'2", 200 lbs with a trim athletic physique and both are swimmers and gymnists. Polix has a ready smile, with short blonde hair, blue eyes and a quiet strength. He has a politicians manner and is driven to succeed. He is also technically the Warden for the prison as well since the guards for the facility work for the police department. They have a sister called Phoebe Demarko. They are 30 years old.

Chief of Emergency Services

The Chief of Emergency Services is Castor Demarko. He is the twin brother of Polix. Both are 6'2" with a trim athletic physique and both are swimmers and gymnists. Castor rarely smiles, with short blonde hair, blue eyes and a quiet strength. He is very careful, working hard to make sure his people do the best job they can. They have a sister called Phoebe Demarko. They are 30 years old.

Dean of the University

Theia De'Monia is an intelligent yet very attractive woman who takes great pride in her IQ and knowledge. She is 32 years old, 5'11" and 125 lbs. She has long wavy brown hair, startleing aquamarine eyes and a soft sensual voice. She graduated from the university at 17 with 5 degrees. She wears tasteful, yet flattering dresses. Her brother Pan De'Monia is the mayor.

Hospital Administrator

Central Administrative Complex

In the heart of the city are 5 large new buildings that have replaced those that were there before. These buildings are the new hospital (south side), university (west side), central administrative building (east side), Cru'ela city hall (north side) and in the center is the Miri Planetary Council building.

Each of these large new buildings was built with care and thought for the future. They are all way bigger than the current demand would warrent. Also the layout of the area was taken into consideration when it was being constructed.

Cru'ela City Hall

The Cru'ela city hall is a large white stone structure to the north of the complex that holds the Mirian colony leader. He is responsible for the development and day to day business of the city proper. Before they opened their planet up for settlement this was the only government building. At this time all of the various responsabilities and powers of the government for the entire planet was run out of this building. Now it is responsible only for the city and it's outlying areas.

After enough new immigrants had arrived it became evident that they would have to change, adjust their government to reflect the new planetary population makeup. This resulted in the creation of the Miri Planetary Council and construction was started on a new, larger complex to house that Council.

Planetary Council Building

The Miri Planetary Council building is a wide spacious structure of white stone right in the center of the complex. It is the 3rd largest building in the complex. They finished construction in 2380. Their are offices for 101 possible councilors. Each councilors area has 5 offices, one for them, a reception room and 3 rooms for assistants or anything they might need them for.

The central council chamber is huge, it has desks and chairs for 100 councilors and 1 assistant each. Then their are the 3 central Senior Councilor seats which are off by themselves in the center of the north wall. Their are also 3 observation balconies that can hold up to 100 people at one time.

The two different government buildings face each other and are seperated by about 300 meters. In the middle between them are 20 shuttle pad landing zones, 10 on each side of a long wide walkway that connects the two buildings. The rest of the area is taken up with well groomed parks and neat pathways.

Miri Administrative Building

Located on the east side of the complex this building is about the same size as the city hall building. It has offices for over 2,000 workers and storage facilities in which to keep all the records and files from both the city, the planet and the outlying colonies.

Cru'ela University

Located on the west side of the complex, this huge rambling building is easily the largest of the 5 main buildings. It has over 500 class rooms with an additional 50 lecture halls plus offices for over 1,000 teachers.

Cru'ela Hospital

Located on the south side of the complex this is the second largest building of the 5 main buildings. It has facilities for over 5,000 patients as well as offices for over 1,000 medical experts as well as all the other speciality rooms and equipment needed to provide first rate medical service.

VIP Residences

The final set of buildings that complete this complex are 4 sets of VIP residences that have been built on the outer edge of the area. Each set has 4 buildings with 4 large spacious apartment like set ups. Each of these individual quarters has 2 bedrooms, kitchen, dineing area, liveing room, large luxury bathroom and a complete office setup.

Each of these sets of 4 buildings is enclosed within a tall white stone wall with only one entrance faceing towards the center of the complex. Each of these sets are widely spaced apart being located on the large walkways that wander inbetween the outer 4 huge stone buildings that make up the majority of the complex.

Cru'ela Power Generation Facility

Outside the city to the north along the coast, approximately 15 km away lies the main power generation facility for not only the city of Cru'ela but the entire Mirian colony. The workers for this facility live in the nearby village of Techville.

It is a mix of three types of power generators. Wind, water and solar.

Wind Power

Their is a large wide barren wind swept plain stretching away from the cliff that plunges down into the ocean at this location. Here approximately 500 meters from the edge are located 500 large wind turbines. These massive structures stand almost 500 feet tall with 4 large blades which are each 50 foot long.

They are spaced about 25 meters apart in rows of 50 stretching north and south. This allows them to take full advantage of the almost constant breeze comeing in off the ocean.

Water Power

At the base of the cliff is a 5 km long concrete structure built against the base of the cliff out into the ocean for a distance of approximately 100 meters. This facility is able to convert the never ending pounding waves into useable energy.

Solar Power

Built into and on the cliff which is about 300 to 400 meters tall along this stretch of the coast are a large number of solar panels, mirrors, solar collectors and other energy collecting devices designed to harvest power from the sun.

Also built into the cliff are a large number of walkways and stairs that allows technicians to reach almost any section of the cliff from the water facility at the base to the top of the cliff above. All these walkways and stairs have railings and safety barriers.

Other Important Structures and Locales

Cru'ela Mental Facility

Located in the oldest part of the city this building has 1 level above ground which has the administrative officies. Below ground are another 3 levels. The bottom 2 levels are the padded holding cells and the level just above them holds the medical offices, operating room, pharmacy and shock therapy room. In all this facility can hold up to 100 patients with 30 rooms on the lowest level and some double occupancy rooms on the other level.

Cru'ela Maximum Security Prison

This large structure has 1 level above ground which has the administrative offices, riot room, staff rooms, medical facility, inmate entrance and processing as well as discharge. Below this are 3 levels with the lowest being for the worst offenders. The facility can house up to 500 inmates with 100 on the lowest level and 200 on each of the other 2 levels.