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The largest community of native born Mirians on Miri IV it is about 49 km inland along the banks of the same river as that of the capitol city of Cru'ela. A very prosperous community of close to 35,000 with another 15,000 liveing within a 25 km radius.

The town is laid out in a grid pattern with 4 large wide streets leading from the river banks north through the town. The same is true of that part of the town that is on the south bank. Over the river are 2 bridges that connect both parts of town. These bridges are large well built and allow for unrestricted water travel upriver from the capitol.


The mayor is Chronus De'Vil a 6'1", 200 lbs man with pierceing blue eyes, long shaggy blonde hair, wide shoulders, deep chest and a commanding voice. His family founded the town, and one member of his family or another has always been the mayor. He has a very aristrocratic bearing, wears the best suits and has perfect manners. He is 39 and has a sister Selene De'Vil.

Minister of Culture and Race Relations

Candy Chambers is a sexy vision that turns mens heads. She has long legs, wears very short skirts, tight tops and has long waist length pure blonde wavy hair. With pouty kissable lips and sparkling blue eyes most men look at least twice at her. She is 5'10" and 130 lbs and looks to be in her twenties.