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It has been built on a small bay about 22 km to the south along the coast from the capitol city of Cru'ela. It is a fishing community of about 20,000 with another 15,000 within a 25 km radius. Located on the planet Miri IV.

The bay is an excellent deep water location and allows for most kinds of ships. The design of the bay allows any vessels docked inside to be protected from even the worst storms. In fact a majority of the bay is used to dock over 1,000 ships. A wide variety of craft with most of them being fishing vessels. Their are also a large number of cargo vessels that are used to transport goods between all the different colonies.

The community itself has few tall buildings. Most homes are 2 story. Near the water there are lots of large warehouses.


The mayor is Typhon Goras, a large 6'3", 240 lbs man with both a dominearing physical presence as well as a cold commanding way about him. He has long black shoulder length hair and dark brown eyes. A quiet 40 year old man who prefers to use his hands to his voice, Typhon loves the ocean and would prefer to be sailing than be on dry land. He has a sister Circe Goras.

Minister of Trade and Transportation

Bob Tompson is an older man who is very tall, 6'3" and slim at about 160 lbs. He is 48 with very short premature gray hair and a tall slim face. He wears neat tidy gray suits, is very well spoken and a workaholic.