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This is a major mineing community located 38 km away from the capitol city of Cru'ela to the north at the base of the large mountain range there that stretches from the coast inland. This community of native born Mirians on Miri IV numbers around 30,000 with another 10,000 being within a 25 km radius.

The town itself is built right at the base of where 2 mountains meet in the valley between them, about 2,800' above ocean level. The buildings are constructed mostly of stone with wooden roofs. The main street is very wide, leading from the road down onto the plains to the one that goes into the mountain range throught the pass. The rest of the town is built on the gentle slopeing base of the mountains. Most homes have excellent views of the plains below.

Their are 6 different mines in operation within a 10 km range of the town.


The mayor is Orville Young, a black man with major attitude. He is 6', 190 lbs with facial scars from a mining accident. He is gruff, brusk and prone to loud, semi violent outbursts. His graying hair is kept very short and he has brown eyes. He usually dresses like most of the miners around him.

Minister of Industry

Hans Bruman is a giant of a man at 6'4" and 260 lbs most of it muscle. He has long dirty brown hair and a beard. He usually wears casual clothes or work clothes. He smiles a lot and has a very deep bass voice but is very friendly and charming.