Constitution Officer's Manual/Involvement

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Every one of us has a talent, or a favorite past time, something they are good at or want to help out with. We have a bunch of opportunities to find the one (or more) thing in our fleet, that you want to get involved in.

We have a lot of teams that take care of different areas of the game. The chat team, wiki team, publicity team, image team and more. To find an overview of which teams exist, check out [[Teams|this link]. If you find one you are interested in visiting their wiki pages and check if you meet the requirements. If you do and want to join, you can check out the contacts to the team leaders on this site, and contact them with your interest.

If you do join a team, please let your CO know. It is not to control what you do, but if they are aware that you are getting active in other OOC activities it may help your promotion process.

If you want to get active on the Conny first that is possible as well. Check with your mentor or any staff member and let them know that you are interested in helping out and what kind of thing you might be interested to do. If you don’t know yet what you want to do, you can also ask us what we have available and pick your best fit.

Note: Remember that simming comes before OOC work. While we would LOVE for everyone to get involved, sometimes time constraints just won’t allow it, and that is okay. Make sure that you are consistently at full-time numbers before joining a team or taking on any OOC duties that would take away time from meeting your requirements.