Constitution Officer's Manual/Department Heads

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After a while of writing, you may wonder how your character could rise up to become a Department Chief. That is relatively easy.

A Department Chief is a role model for others, that is how they became the Chief. Same goes for this situation. To be in the race of a Chief position:

  • write regularly and full time
  • involve other players into plots
  • actively leave tags for others
  • help out others if they are new or lost
  • participate in the mission

Then, of course, the Chief Position needs to be vacant. If it is not, you may become Assistant Chief, which is the Chief’s right hand.

If both positions are filled, maybe your character wants to become a Specialist to be elevated until an Assistant Chief or Chief position in your department is available. Remember that you are not less important if you are not a Chief and it won’t run away.

Talk to your staff if you want to talk about possibilities.