Constitution Officer's Manual/Basic Simming

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The UFoP: Starbase 118 Academy introduces all new Ensigns to the script style format that the fleet uses to sim. This is a common base. But each ship also adds their own style. This section will cover the Conny’s style.

Basics of a Sim:

  • Subject line: Rank Character name - Title
  • Location markers in each scene - ((Bridge)) - These location markers are used every time a location changes
  • Signature at the end of each sim

We do:

  • Stay within the Fleet wide PG 13 rating
  • Add PNPC or MSNPC to the subject header if we write for one of these:
    • Ensign Davis: Beauty for beauty
    • PNPC Lt. Rar Th'thelel: I Can Help!
    • MSPNPC Ashar: Signal
  • Remove other writers’ descriptions from the sims we are about to post and replace them with your own, because every character might see a scene differently. (See Advanced simming)
  • Add between 3 to 5 tags per post, although obviously this is at the writers discretion, to push the plot forward
  • Add Backsim or Flashback markers to our sims when applicable

What we don’t do:

  • Use tags and locations in our subject lines
  • Use all capital letters for names in speech
  • Underline or colour text (If you want to bold the tags it is okay, but remember many might not see it as their emails might be displayed in plain text)
  • Change text size (write in one size please)


((Sickbay - USS Constitution-B))

Ed had gathered the medical team. Yes, it was shore leave, but he needed to get everyone up to speed on this particular case before he let them off to enjoy themselves. He wanted to plant the seed of curiosity in each of them, and then let it sprout while they took part in leisure activities and spending time with their friends. Then, when they all got back together in several days' time, he would harvest their ideas like a good gardener.

Spears: Good afternoon everyone. I know you're all excited to get to the starbase and enjoy some well deserved leave. I'm not planning to take that away from any of you, but I want to brief you on a clinical case before you all go. Hopefully you'll find this one as interesting as I have so far, and maybe we'll even come up with some kind of a treatment plan.

Milsap/Any Medical Staff: ?

Spears: After the last mission, Lieutenant Lystra from tactical came to me with a concern. She has given me permission to share the details with you in the interest of discovering a treatment, especially given how out of the ordinary this is. Her hand had been caught in a collapsing temporal rift on a previous mission, and apparently there have been some ongoing after-effects that are... difficult to explain using our normal scientific methods, especially given none of us are especially well versed in temporal physics.

Milsap/Any Medical Staff: ?

Spears: She has been exhibiting some form of precognition ever since the incident. The lieutenant reports that she has seen certain things happen moments before they actually do. A review on Boslic neuro-chemistry confirms that latent psychic abilities are not naturally present in that species, and there is no evidence that she shares her lineage with a species that might show signs of precognitive abilities.

Milsap/Any Medical Staff:

Spears: I certainly wanted to rule out a coincidental but naturally occurring phenomenon.

Ed was not going to mention the specifics of how Lystra's ability had been used. It wasn't relevant to treating her.

Milsap/Any Medical Staff:

Lt Edward Spears, MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Constitution-B