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USS Constitution
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Chip Warwick Foley
Position Engineering Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 237010.10
Age 26
Birthplace Marcos XII
Writer ID C239704CF0

Ensign Chip Foley is currently serving as an Engineering Officer aboard the USS Constitution-B


  • Height: 1.91 m
  • Weight: 129.8 kg
  • Hair: None
  • Eyes: Silver-white luminance
  • General Description: Chip Foley is a large, thickset man, somewhat pale in appearance. He is completely hairless, eyebrows and eyelashes included, as a result of an unfortunate saturation with thallium salts. His left arm is a prosthetic from the elbow down, a custom design from his father's laboratory with extensive modifications; unlike more common biosynthetic replacements, Chip's is formed of brushed duranium, bare and unsheathed. His ocular implants are similarly custom, without the plain white appearance more commonly seen. They instead produce a soft silver glow. He moves with an unusual fluidity of motion, belying his size, as a result of artificial augmentation of his neuromuscular system.


  • Curious: Chip has an almost inherent need to learn about the world around him. As a result of his upbringing and education, this curiosity is primarily focused on technicalities, learning how different devices and systems function, but he shows an equally avid interest in learning about people.
  • Positivity: Chip Foley seems to live in an almost perpetual state of excitement; everything fascinates him and every answer he finds seems to delight him. This can make him difficult to deal with for people of a slightly less mercurial nature.
  • Hyperconscious: Chip's mind is constantly alight with questions and possibilities, and unlike more introverted thinkers he never lets any of those questions go without asking them aloud whenever posssible. This can lead to chains of questions one after the other which can make attempts at conversation frustrating, confusing, or at the very least time-consuming. But he does mean well. There's just so much thinking to be done.


  • Parents:
    • Father: Dr. Michael Rowe Foley, PhD
    • Mother: an unidentified egg donor (biological mother) and the APHAEA (Automated Progenitor, Hospitaller, Administrator and Educational Aide) System (functional mother)
  • Siblings: Diode Collins Foley (brother)


Dr. Michael Rowe Foley is polymath, holding multiple doctorates, and a man of so many strange tics, affectations and antisocial tendencies that he was pushed further and further out of organized academia until he was left all alone, sponsored by a number of honorariums, grants and the sorts of donations given to mad scientists in a large laboratory complex on the outer edges of the large Marcos XII colony.

Eventually, he decided he should have offspring, but found the whole process of mating incredibly tedious. He opted instead to design a filter program to sort through the records of a vast number of fertility clinics across the galaxy and finally identified a suitable donor. Being practical by nature, he naturally decided to duplicate his work and divided the donor egg before having the siblings birthed and raised in the specialized APHAEA system he'd designed.

Chip and Diode were born. Dr. Foley was not notable for his creativity outside the realm of metasystems design, and went with the first two things he saw on his workbench; Chip was a glance away from being named Tri-Phasic Emitter. Their middle names were selected from early pioneers in cybernetics, a particular passion of Dr. Foley's. The boys were raised primarily by the APHAEA system's AI and automated assistants, with the good doctor occasionally providing a pat on the head, an amusing holocube, or a series of formulae for designing Berthold ray shielding.

Chip and his brother were born into a world of pure technological interaction. Dr. Foley had few visitors beyond the occasional academic contact and materials suppliers, but he encouraged his sons to entertain and educate themselves and each other. This largely unsupervised approach was not without consequence - Chip lost his eyes and his left hand while trying to design a better power infuser for the long-range range scouting drone. That was the longest close contact he had with his father - Dr. Foley was delighted by the chance to develop and improve a suite of new prosthetics.

Eventually, Diode Foley took his fascination with autonomous exploration craft to the Copernicus Shipyards under the employ of the Yoyodyne Division. Chip took his avid interest in maintaining a sense of order and his deep and abiding love of precision to Starfleet, an organization that he assumed was built entirely on order and precision. Only experimentation will prove that hypothesis, of course.

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2393 - 2397 Starfleet Academy
link=Starfleet Academy
Ensign SD 239704.28 - Present USS Constitution
Engineering Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

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Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
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Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Year or Stardate
Starfleet Academy
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