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This chronicles the missions of the USS Doyle-A from 2392 onward, under the command of Captain Shelther Faranster. Here, you can find current information on it's mission, as well as a record of it's previous missions.

Current Mission

Doyle-A Mission Archive Database

The following serves as a record of the USS Doyle-A's previous missions:

Hostile Space Sieze
  • The Casebook of the Doyle #1: Stardate 239204.20 - 239206.07
    • The crew of the USS Doyle-A were sent to start their sea trials, to the nonaligned world of Car'then III. But with the addition of an observer, not all is as it seems. With the sudden weapons fire as they reached the system, and a world of crime, can the crew of the Doyle find the terrorists? Will they survive the deadly web of intrigue being spun about them, from Starfleet and the Lord Mayor?
Chains of the Sisterhood
  • The Casebook of the Doyle #2: Stardate 239207.07 - 239208.24
    • The Doyle is dispatched to investigate a rash of cataclysmic disasters when the planetary governor reaches out for aid. When they arrive, they find far more than they were expecting, as a mysterious criminal organization has designs upon the population.
Specter of the Past
  • The Casebook of the Doyle #3: Stardate 239209.18 - 239211.07
    • Upon investigating a colony gone dark, they see a devastated planet. With a kidnapping, a deadly virus, and Klingon renegades, can they solve the puzzle of the planet?
And Every Hand Held A Blade
  • The Casebook of the Doyle #4: Stardate 239212.14 - 239301.23
    • After rescuing an innocent civilian in distress, the crew of Deep Space 285 and the Doyle soon find him dead. What seems to be a simple investigation rapidly spirals, as this 'innocent civilian' had plenty of people who wanted him dead, and many of them could be in the crew itself..
Chains of Survival
  • The Casebook of the Doyle #5: Stardate 239301.29 - 239303.15
    • Crashlanding on the surface of a world that suppresses technology, will the crew of the Doyle find a way off?
The Dream Master
  • The Casebook of the Doyle #6: Stardate 239304.25 - 239306.07
    • Waking up in a western setting, the crew of the USS Doyle-A are unaware that they have been caught in the dream of an ancient entity.