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Ranks of the Cardassian Guard

The Cardassian Guard employs the use of four officer ranks:

Cardassian Ranks
Insignia Rank Starfleet Equivalent
Legate a flag officer, equivalent to admiral or general
Gul a senior line officer, equivalent to captain or commander
Glinn a mid-level line officer, equivalent to lieutenant or lieutenant commander
Gil a junior line officer, equivalent to ensign or lieutenant junior grade
Soldier an enlisted soldier

Background Note

Onscreen, only legates displayed a specific rank insignia on their uniforms. The other ranks were simply written in Cardassian script on the officer's uniform; however, for easy identification on a roster, a system of 1 to 3 dots is used on our wiki to identify gil through gul. The blank insignia is suitable for non-officers/general soldiers.

The pips above are from, and have been renamed to conform with only those ranks seen onscreen or listed in official reference works (namely, the DS9 Technical Manual, which introduced the rank of gil).

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