C2 Eneli Hover

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The C2 Eneli Hover is a cheap, basic landgrav, that features automated steering and fine Renaaran leather. It was first produced by Jaleir Renithors and Gravs in the months prior to the Vodran War.

The Jaleir C2 Eneli Hover is a capsule-shaped, yellow-hulled landgrav with a pod-like cockpit seating a pilot and passenger in single file. The grav's six external thruster modules propell the C2 at speeds of around 160 kilometers per hour. A series of inlet ports on the rounded nose draw in air to cool the engines, but the C2 suffers from insulation problems, noise pollution and the risk of exterior odours filtering into the cockpit.

The 7.1 meter-long Eneli Hover is affordable at 6,500 credits, but lacks any kind of ameneties and is considered to be a very basic grav - though perfect for Outlying worlds or the youthful grav customization crowd in the Core.