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A landgrav is a hovering ground-based vehicle, capable of travelling across most terrains at high speeds.

Low-power antigravs allow the vehicle to constantly hover one to two meters above the ground both in stationary and travelling modes. Turbine jet engines are responsible for propelling the vehicle forward at high speeds.

Hundreds of designers, manufacturers and models exist throughout the galaxy, though the ResUlis Corporation dominated the landgrav market before and during the reign of the Valcarian Empire.

Most landgrav models are capable of carrying one or more passengers, and top speeds vary between 100 and 250 kilometers per hour. Most models are between 3 to 8 meters in length.

Most cockpit configurations feature retractable windshields that allow the driver and passengers to be either fully enclosed, or open to the air.

While landgravs are generally designed for civilian use, there are also models specifically designed or modified for military use.

Landgravs should not be confused with airgravs, which are capable of achieving much higher altitudes. Hoverbikes or renithors also function similarly to the landgrav. In general, all the afore-mentioned vehicles are also referred to simply as gravs.