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Officer Brandon Cormac is a human male whom served as the special operations officer aboard the USS Veritas until late 2393. He was considered the most experienced officer in the Shoals, having spent much of his Starfleet career stationed near Ketar V as a Starfleet Ranger. He was the sole surviving officer of an attack on Outpost 3, and retired his commission in 2394, having held the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Cormac now works as a Marshal on Shadow's Edge.

During 2392, Sky Blake walked in on Cormac and Elis Nacubaq in the middle of a heated moment of intimacy.[1] They would mutually end their relationship six months later.

At the time of Captain Rosa Carrero's death, Cormac had been acting as second officer aboard Veritas, though he'd been notified of all officer whereabouts just prior to the incident.[2] Along with fellow senior officers Shrmoa, Elis and Zhou, he was reassigned when Captain Roshanara Rahman took command of the Veritas - though it's presumed he inadvertently angered his transfer officer, having been transferred to Outpost 3, a small survey station.[3] Cormac was the sole survivor after an attack on the outpost by Klingon pirates, and waited ten days on the crippled outpost before help arrived, as Starfleet and Marshals services were unable to decide whom should assist due to a strain of resources and territory dispute.[4] Unhappy with the treatment he'd received as an officer, and with Starfleet's indifference towards the Shoals, Cormac retires his commission and attempts to rekindle his relationship with Elis.[5] Now, he is seeking stability and a family life, and is settling in well.[6]

Despite having retired from service, Cormac was still listed on Lieutenant Shei'saur's officer's manifest for Shadow's Edge as an active ranger due to subspace communication arriving out of date. Blake clarified his position by mentioning that she'd replaced him.[7] Regardless, Shei'saur contacts him and provides him information regarding suspects connected to Blake's Pinator Bay investigation, and relays this information to her.[8]

Cormac was considered somewhat of a stickler for rules and regulations[9], and is a fine investigator. His position often required him to assess societal and political climates of the stations and planets the Veritas traveled to, though due to the high travel time required between stops, he wasn't able to do this often. As a ranger, he was well trained in survival tactics, and was able to hold out aboard a severely damaged survey station for approximately ten days whilst injured with few power resources, awaiting rescue.


  • In the first few hints to the Veritas prior to it's 2393 launch, Blake incorrectly refers to Cormac as the ship's intelligence officer, rather than his official position as special operations.[10]


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    Nevermind the fact that often she just retold what their Intel officer told, topped with the occasional "this is how others have reportedly handled this . . . we need to do it ten times better because clearly what they're doing ain't sticking".