Benjin Ranjoes

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Benjin Ranjoes, a Human female, currently serves as Chief Marshal of the CCMS.


Ranjoes stands at 6 feet tall with caramel skin and black hair slicked back behind her ears with a significant amount of product. She is a no-nonsense marshal, dedicated to her job. She is highly critical of political entities that endanger the population of the Shoals and struggles to work cooperatively with organisations such as Starfleet. However, Ranjoes is not entirely unreasonable and will come to a compromise with negotiation. She has no tolerance for corrupt marshals or Starfleet officers, absolutely willing to prosecute law-breakers to the full extent of the Colonial Coalition justice system.


Ranjoes serves as the department chief of Edira City Marshals in 2394. She crosses paths with Starfleet when Sky Blake is assigned to Shadow's Edge as a Starfleet Ranger. Blake accuses Ranjoes of ordering the marshals under her command to sabotage and destroy a pirate vessel, killing its crew. Ranjoes vehemently denies the accusation and states she would never give such an order. Disturbed by the suggestion, Ranjoes performs an internal investigation and discovers a cell of corrupt marshals were responsible for the incident. She purges them from her department.

She earns a promotion in 2395 to Bajak Laut Sector Marshal Chief. Following Victor Yeager's breaking of Shoals laws as captain of USS Astraeus, Ranjoes demands Blake arrest Yeager on behalf of the Bajak Laut CCMS (a loop-hole in the Starfleet Rangers' chain of command, as Blake would be bound to carry out the orders of civilian agencies). Ranjoes personally sees to Colonial Coalition representation in the court proceedings.

The Bajak Laut Sector marshals take part in the initial search for Kehive na-Soldim in 2396—a process initially controlled by CCMS. Rairen Caide is forced to "schmooze" Ranjoes in hopes she allows Starfleet to take over the search (as Starfleet previously could not assign significant resources). She does so, albeit reluctantly.

After significant campaigning, Ranjoes becomes the CCMS Chief Marshal in early 2397. The celebration is short-lived when Ranjoes contacts USS Veritas following a marshal's discovery of a small Tholian drifting into the Thura system. Ranjoes informs Veritas the station is small, seems un-manned and has no tactical capabilities, but is active and running at a livable humanoid temperature. Concerned it may encourage Tholian aggression, Ranjoes is unable to spare any marshals to investigate in the event they need to launch a planetary evacuation of Havley's Hope in the worst-case scenario.