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Lieutenant Kehive na-Soldim, a Pygorian male, is a Starfleet Ranger declared missing in the Thura system in 2395. Described as a capable officer (though fairly aloof) na-Soldim joined the Starfleet Rangers after a single year as a communications officer on Star Station Esperance. His duties kept him posted in the Havley and Gallipoli sectors, and he was often responsible for surveying spatial regions for potential settlement.


In 2395, na-Soldim was sent survey the Thura system in preparation for the establishment of a spatial observatory outpost. He missed two scheduled check-ins with Colonial Coalition Marshals, who then began a search for him. The first search effort by Marshals yielded no evidence of the ranger even having been in the area, and after weeks of no contact nor trace of his runabout, search parties officially declared him missing.

Due to the Thura system's position so close to the border between Tholian space and the Shoals, na-Soldim's disappearance prompted Starfleet and the Colonial Coalition Marshals Service to investigate all reported sightings of Tholian vessels in an effort to prevent further incidents.[1]

In 239605, Starfleet began a second search for na-Soldim, with the intention of investigating when, how, and where exactly he disappeared[2]. However, though there were few reported sightings of na-Soldim[3], the Starfleet Rangers were unable to verify these claims. Lieutenant Rairen Caide, new head of the Shoals division of Rangers, finally called off the search for na-Soldim in December of 2396.[4]

Starfleet's efforts to locate na-Soldim drew heavy criticism from Coalition activists, who voiced frustrations regarding the lack of resources sent to the Shoals (as at the time of his disappearance, there was only one Starfleet Ranger assigned to every 160 square lightyears in the region). Starfleet's initial request for CCMS assistance in the first wave of the search also came under scrutiny, as anti-Federation activists felt the search for a Starfleet officer should have been conducted by other Starfleet officers, rather than Marshal resources.[5]

Search report

MISSING PERSON: Lieutenant Kehive na-Soldim


This search report has been prepared by the Starfleet Security, Rangers division.

  1. Keehive na-Soldim has been classified as a missing person for twelve (12) months. His last known location was the Thura system (close to Havley's Hope), where Tholian scout vessels are often claimed to appear.
  2. Searches conducted by Shoals-based Starfleet Rangers and the Colonial Coalition Marshals to locate na-Soldim took place in the following sectors:
    1. Havley
    2. Gallipoli
    3. Wuagyl
    4. Bahaya
    5. Turpin
    6. Roxburgh
  3. Keehive na-Soldim's shuttlecraft, or evidence of his being in any six sectors, has not been located.

CONCLUSION: 150 square light-years have been searched for Kehive na-Soldim over the course of 12 months. It is this Ranger's regretful recommendation that, with no sign of the missing person, search efforts must conclude until new evidence is brought forward.


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