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USS Darwin-A
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Asmira Adu
Position Communications/Operations
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Laudean
Gender Female
DOB 236501.22
Age 36
Birthplace Til'ahn

Medical Record * Academy Transcript

Awards & Service Ribbons
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B-Plot Award
Silver Palm
Xalor Clan Xifilis Award
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
1-year Member
Explorer's Ribbon

Graphic Contest Winner
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Amirad is a Communications/Operations Officer aboard the USS Darwin-A.

Personal Statistics

Basic Stats

  • Full Name: Asmira Adu
  • Birthdate: 236601.22
  • Place of Birth: Til'ahn
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Position: Communications/Operations Officer
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Laudean
  • Telepathic Status: T0/E0+


Asmira's Tattoo on left wrist
  • Height: 5' 5"
  • Weight: 124 lbs
  • Hair Color: Black and curly.
  • Length of Hair: Medium Long, about 8 inches past her shoulders.
  • Eyes: Gold
  • Skin: Light cinnamon-brown.
  • Build: Slim
  • Face: Oval with a wide forehead
  • Coloration: A line of violet pigment extends over her ears and across her hairline.
  • Handedness: Right
  • Notable marks: Laudean coloration and a small tattoo on her wrist. Similar to the Hindi symbol for Awareness, this is the symbol of the Laudean Gudud Coven in Northern Rania, on Til'ahn.


  • Mother: Ata Miro
  • Father: Fatin Adu
  • Siblings: She has two sisters, Rewza (older), and Aqhwan (younger).
  • Children: None
  • Significant Other: None


  • Temperament: Friendly, but quiet. She has a sweet temper and rarely gets angry.
  • Favorite Room: Holodeck. Much of her childhood was spent with her father at the family's beach house. The sea always reminded her of those happy times away from her mother and the strict coven.
  • Habits: Pulling at her hair and digging her fingernails into her palms when she's stressed.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: She likes practicing the ancient Terran martial art Tai-Chi, which she learned while she was on earth. It helps sooth her and she likes how it makes her energy flow smoothly through her body.
  • Likes: The ocean, rain, and cats.
  • Dislikes: Arguments and crowds
  • Preferred Drink: Caffeinated Teas
  • Fears: She has gotten back in some contact with her family, but she has a huge fear of her mother and her former teacher Omolabe. She also fears being forced to use her gift.
  • Ambitions and Goals: She would love to someday command a small ship.
  • Achievements in Life: Escaping the coven, Graduating Starfleet
  • Disappointments in Life: Lack of close friends or partners

Manner and Home Life

Asmira and her cat Mutey in her quarters.
  • Expression: Typically a reserved smile.
  • Carriage: Reserved and formal.
  • Poses: In public, Asmira is extremely proper. She sits straight and crosses her ankles. When standing, she does her best not to turn her back to anyone. In private, she likes to curl up as tightly as possible.
  • Voice: Asmira is a quiet alto. Her tone is always friendly and polite.
  • Appearance: While her size and build are quite average, Asmira Adu tends to fade into a crowd. She rarely draws attention to herself, and her soft voice makes it difficult to catch attention when she does try. Her polite friendliness tends to keep her from making enemies, but she finds it difficult to make close friends, too.
  • Off Duty Appearance: She wears pretty, feminine clothes, usually in a soft palette. Her favorite colors are purples and pinks. Most of her clothes have high collars, and when she leaves her quarters she likes to wear a heavy hooded cloak typical of her homeworld.
  • Shoes: Simple slip on shoes or soft boots.
  • Quarters: Surprisingly messy. Asmira tends to take the stress of work and life home with her, so there are lots of papers and PADDS strewn about. She likes clothes and has a large wardrobe. She likes to decorate with her favorite pinks and purples, usually using drapes, blankets, and artwork to brighten up Starfleet-issued quarters.

Early Life

Asmira was raised in a wealthy, noble family in Northern Rania. The family spent their time between their main home in the forest city of Tangara and their beach home on the northern coast. Asmira was always a very obedient child, quiet and proper. She hated the primness of her family's socialite life, but she was never bold enough to rebel against it.

A friend of Asmira's mother also had a young child, a lomale named Iniko Mpeba. Asmira didn't spend a lot of time with jhea, but she admired jhea's stubbornness and bravery. They got to know each other a little better when Iniko's mother joined Asmira's family coven Gudud.

The coven in Rania was small, but close-knit and conservative. The lomales performed in the coven's ceremonies, but their main role was to provide "procreation services" for the members of the coven and other people in the community. The females either served as healers, caretakers of children and the land, or as elders in the coven. Males were not allowed in the Gudud coven.

Fielding Training

Asmira was pushed into joining the Gudud coven when she was in her early teens. At first it was like an after-school class where she was tested on her fielding skills and taught how to use them. As she advanced into the sisterhood, her mother took her out of school to do all her training with the coven.

Being a female, the sisters first started training her as a healer, but soon discovered she had a unique gift in sensing other people's energies. Asmira could feel how the energy inside a person flowed, where it got stuck, and how it reflected people's emotions. A sister named Omolade, who had a similar gift, took the young teen under her wing and tutored her. Asmira learned how to interpret the energy into understanding the person's emotions.

As Asmira got older, Omolade started pushing her student towards manipulating people's energies. At first Asmira thought it was a helpful thing, thinking she could heal people emotionally. But she soon learned the dark side as she watched Omolade force a town council member to change his vote on an issue by manipulating his emotions on the subject. She did it by stopping up his energy at his heart level, causing him to feel emotionally fixated on the issue, and thereby voting the way Omolade wanted him to. Asmira had nothing like that kind of control, but she feared to use her gift.

Around the same time, Asmira's childhood friend Iniko joined the coven under pressure from her own mother. Iniko had a similar distrust of the coven and its stifling hold on the community and its traditions. The two of them planned for months to escape the coven and Rania altogether. Asmira was able to get some money by pawning most of her expensive possessions, and the two managed to flee to Lokesh City where they stayed with Iniko's brother.

Leaving Til'ahn

Once they were settled in Lokesh City, the larger issue of the Romulan Occupation began to press on them. Iniko and Asmira argued about what course to take. Iniko wanted to join jheas brother in an anti-Romulan Revolutionary group, while Asmira just wanted out. They parted ways a bit grudgingly, but on generally friendly terms. Asmira used the last of her money and a few contacts her family had to get herself smuggled offworld. Once free of her family, her coven, and the Romulans, Asmira set off for Earth with a plan to join Starfleet in order to fight against oppression everywhere. That was her official goal at least. She also desperately wanted somewhere with rules and procedures which she found lacking in the greater galaxy. Starfleet offered her a safe haven of legalism.

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Records & Assessments


Once she made her way to Earth, Asmira was able to get a school visa and eventually was able apply to Starfleet. Enrolling in the Fall of 2385, she was 20 when she started her first classes. Asmira was a competent student. Not brilliant but a hard worker, she kept her grades up at the cost of a social life. She didn't make many friends, though the few she did were close friends. She focused her efforts on studying and doing part time jobs around the school.



Notable Relationships

Name Relationship Rank Description
Iniko Mpeba
Friend Lieutenant Junior Grade Childhood Friends from Til'ahn. They spent time together in the Gudud Coven and eventually escaped together. Their time planning and executing their escape cemented a friendship even though they parted ways later.

Ribbons and Awards

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Date Award Ribbon Name Description and/or original Award
2014 Awards General BPlot 2011.jpg The B Plot Award 239112.16 - Susanna won the B-plot for her excellent portrayal of her character's family life.
2014 Awards General SilverPalm 2011.jpg The Silver Palm 239112.16 - Her continued effort to create a lovable character that just makes us smile is a great achievement.
2015 Awards Special Xalor 2011.jpg Xalor Clan Xifilis Award 239201.01 - Her dedication through the emotional stress of pregnancy and postpartum is why she has earned this award.
2015 Awards General 1Year.jpg 1-year Member 239201.01 - For one year of service to Starbase 118.
2016 Awards ServiceRibbons Explorers 2011.jpg Explorer's Ribbon 239301.08 - For discovery of the Turisan people.

Chronological History

Career Overview

Professional History
Insignia Rank Ship From To Position
TNGstyle-ens red.jpg
Ensign Starbase 221 238903.14 238910.11 Communications Officer
TNGstyle-ltjg red.jpg
Lieutenant JG USS Fairview 238910.11 238912.22 Ops Officer
TNGstyle-ltjg red.jpg
Lieutenant JG USS Fairview 238912.22 239007.21 Chief Com/Ops Officer
TNGstyle-lt red.jpg
Lieutenant USS Ariel 239007.21 239106.01 Diplomatic Attache
TNGstyle-ltcmdr red.jpg
Lt. Commander USS Ariel 239106.01 239211.10 Chief Diplomatic Officer
TNGstyle-ltcmdr red.jpg
Lt. Commander USS Darwin-A 239211.10 Present Com/Ops Officer

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