Apollo Mission Logs

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USS Apollo Mission Logs

The following serves as a record of the USS Apollo's missions under the command of Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx.

Omega One
  • Episode 7: Stardate 239012.30 - 239104.23
    • Close-by, there is a war raging between two worlds in the same system. Each ond is hell bent on destroying the other. Neither world has achieved warp technology, and can only travel within their system. Boreia III and Boreia IV have been at war for years. In the race to develop destructive weapons, one scientist has come close to harnessing an Omega weapon.

Gate to the Gods
  • Episode 6: Stardate 239008.19 - 239012.19
    • Scans of a region show unusual results, that leads to further investigation. The source of these strange readings is an iconion gateway that is found on a planet somewhere in the countryside, though with a post-warp civilization. This gate shows only one image. The other side is a fixed Gateway too.

Price of Freedom.jpg
Price of Freedom
  • Episode 5: Stardate 239005.24 - 239007.25
    • Izar is the home to the Starfleet Tactical School, and the shore leave destination for the crew of the Apollo. After they arrived, the Apollo, with a skeleton crew, was dispatched to the nearest starbase for a quick resupply, leaving the senior staff and many others on the planet to enjoy some time off. Unbeknownst to them, a group of freedom fighters from a nearby system had hatched a plan to bring attention to the plight of their people. After requesting Federation intervention and being denied, the resistance fighters were desperate. One way or another, they would have the attention they needed...

Above and Beyond
  • Episode 4: Stardate 239001.01 - 239005.01
    • After receiving word from Admiral Luke Reider that someone was securing the elements to synthesize cobalt diselenide, the USS Apollo was dispatched to investigate the situation. A research station on Quatal Minor was hypothesized to be the base of operations for the manufacturing of biogenic weapons. The crew must uncover what is going on within the walls of the research facility and who is behind the procurement of the weapons.

Vantage point.jpg
Vantage Point
  • Episode 3: Stardate 238908.20 - 238912.15
    • The USS Apollo was recalled to the Trinity Sector as tensions between the Romulans and Klingons got worse. With tensions flaring, and the threat of an assassination attempt on a high level Cardassian diplomat, the crew must endure a race against time to stop it from happening. Meanwhile the USS Victory departed StarBase 118 heading for the Thracian Alliance. Their encounter would require them to enlist help from the Apollo.

Slither, Slither in the Night
  • Episode 2: Stardate 238905.22 - 238907.12
    • The USS Apollo, after dispatching a discovered Borg scout ship to a transport tug, resumes her primary mission to explore the Typhon Sector. Her first mission is to locate the missing USS Nelson and find out what happened to her. Soon, the ship was discovered adrift in space. In an effort to complete it's mission, is facing a double edged dilemma.

Borg Detour
  • Episode 1: Stardate 238902.03 - 238905.22
    • The USS Apollo, on her maiden voyage, while en route to the Typhon Sector, has encountered a disabled Altoran freighter. A freighter which has been going to great efforts to hide the contents of its cargo hold. The contents of which turn out to be a Borg scout vessel.