Akaris Venn

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USS Constitution-B
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Akaris Venn
Position Science Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Betazoid/Risian
Gender Male
DOB 237607.04
Age 24
Birthplace Matrala, Risa
Writer ID C240001AV1

Ensign Akaris Venn is currently serving as a Science Officer aboard the USS Constitution-B).


  • Height: 5ft 11in / 181 cm
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Black


  • Lorrokyl, Betazoid father - former member of the Seventh House of Betazed, who escaped his arranged marriage and was subsequently 'exiled' for his transgression. Security consultant.
  • Zarra Venn, Risian mother - former model/entertainer. Social event planner.
  • Siblings:
    • Bellara (female, age 5)
    • Jalnor (male, age 12)
    • Sallah (female, deceased at age 14 months, 2381)
  • Spouse: N/A
  • Children: N/A


  • Grew up on Matrala, an island located about sixty kilometers north of the major tourist attraction Suraya Bay.
  • From a young age, he liked to feel challenged and early tutors pushed him towards ‘harder’ sciences and mathematics.
  • Became interested in a career with Starfleet due to its involvement with the Borg invasion (2381) and planetary rebuild of Risa (ending in 2387) and upon learning of the earlier Dominion invasion of Betazed (2374).
  • Was visiting Bajor with parents (work-related) during the Borg invasion (2381). Little sister was at home with maternal grandparents, having recently recovered from the Levodian flu and being considered too unwell to travel. Matrala was hit by crashing debris and turned from an island paradise to a burning, cratered lagoon.
  • Family spent five years living in temporary habitats before settling permanently once more in Ettucan, a coastal town focused around beaches and nightlife.
  • Akaris’ 2391-2 academic year was lost and had to be repeated due to medical complications and training in isolation to suppress his developing telepathic and empathic abilities, triggered by hormone changes at the onset of puberty. The Third House of Betazed provided a specialist doctor in return for a future 'favor’ that Akaris is unaware of, but suspects involves his sister in some fashion.
  • Time at Starfleet Academy was spent focused on the science track, particularly astronomy, stellar mechanics, mathematics and computer technology.

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2396 - 2400 Starfleet Academy
Ensign SD 240001.11 - Present USS Constitution-B
Science Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

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Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
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