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Major Geopolitical Events

  • 2370: First contact between the Federation and the Dominion results in the destruction of the USS Odyssey and a three year cold war between the two powers.
  • 2373:
    • The Borg make a second failed attempt to assimilate Earth.
    • An act of espionage by the Romulans launches the Yolanda Wars.
    • The Dominion War begins.
  • 2374:
    • Starfleet and the Romulans sign a peace treaty bringing an end to the Yolanda Wars.
    • Romulans join the Federation and Klingons in their fight against the Dominion.
  • 2375: The Dominion War ends.
  • 2378: The USS Voyager returns from a seven-year journey through the Delta Quadrant. Before returning, they strike a deadly blow to the Borg by deceiving and killing the Borg Queen.
  • 2379:
    • Shinzon becomes the leader of the Reman people, staging a successful coup d'état against the Romulan Senate before being killed later in a conflict with the USS Enterprise-E.
    • Laudeans of Til’ahn discover warp drive, Embassy follows 2 years later.

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  • 237003.25 - Oddas Aria is born in Hathon, Bajor.
  • 237004.23 - Captain Tristan Wolf is promoted to Admiral in three years, a StarFleet record.


  • 237104.28 - Tristan Wolf named Head Admiral of StarBase 118.
  • 237105 - The wife and son of Admiral Wolf are killed by a faulty anti-matter containment storage pod on their transport shuttle while en route to Starbase 118 from Earth.
  • 237106 - USS Phoenix-B launched. A Nebula Class starship, Pheonix-B becomes the inaugural ship in the 118 fleet under the command of Admiral Tristan Wolf and eventually becomes the starbase's primary support vehicle.
  • 237108 - USS Alliance launched. A Galaxy Class starship, Alliance joins the fleet as the second ship under the command of Captain Douglas Relic and First Officer Logan Paine.
  • Unknown - Romulan Star Empire begins planning to engage the United Federation of Planets in a war (later known as the Yolanda Wars).


  • 237202 - USS Centris launched under the command of Elinor of Kanst.
  • 237203 - Caesar Hol's parents get divorced.
  • 237203 - USS Chicago is launched under the command of Captain Magaera
  • 237206 - Starbase 118 enters service as Starbase 118 Operations as the fleet's first base of operations under the command of Admiral Wolf. The USS Phoenix-B becomes the primary support vehicle.
  • 237208 - Arianna Sarrin-Devar and Arista Devar die in a ship explosion near Yadalla Prime.
  • 237208.01 - Tal Tel-ar enters Starfleet Academy.
  • 237209 - USS Freedom-A, a Tachyon Class starship is launched
  • 237209.14 - Rocar enters Starfleet Academy.


  • 237302.14 - Caesar Hol's mother gets remarried to Jazarax, a Klingon General.
  • 237302.17 - Toni Turners father dies, goes to live with her uncle
  • 237306 - Admiral Yohan Bach retires.
  • 237306 - Active Fleet consists of: USS Alliance, USS Centris, USS Chicago & USS Isannah.
  • 237308 - Destruction of the USS Chicago.
    • Commission of the USS Obertha.
  • 237309.26 - Jaxon McGhees son Joel-Kail born.
  • 237309 - The USS Nova replaces the USS Chicago.
    • The USS Ranger launches, under the command of Captain Brian Kelly.
    • An act of espionage by the Romulans launches the Yolanda Wars.
  • 237311 - The USS Panther launches on her madien voyage under the command of Captain Maiken Bajim.


  • 237401 - Unconfirmed, but it is believed the USS Alliance was destroyed in a conflict with the Borg.
    • Starfleet and the Romulans sign a peace treaty bringing an end to the Yolanda Wars.
  • 237402 - The USS Alliance-A launches as a replacement for the USS Alliance.
    • The USS Freedom-A launches under the command of recently promoted Captain Jeff Pelletier.
  • 237403 - Commodore Brian Kelly was killed in service to the Fleet.
    • The USS Ranger imploded during contact with a crystaline entity
  • 237404 - The USS Nova was scuttled shortly following a battle against the Maquis.
    • Training ship USS Arizona launches, replacing the USS Nova.
  • 237405.28 - The USS Panther was decommissioned at Starbase 118.
    • Captain Bajim Maiken, formerly of the USS Panther christens the launch of the USS Atlantis.
  • 237406.21 - Michael James arrived back on Earth after being rescued from a temporal loop.
  • 237408 - Field Captain Aldus Gaius retires.
    • Sometime between June to October, the USS Ranger-A launches
  • 237408.04 - Michael James lost right arm in accident thought to be Parisses Squares accident; replaced by Taurik-12 bionic model
  • 237411.15 - Michael James graduated Starfleet Academy and received first postings.


  • 237502 - The Atlantis, a captured Romulan warbird, is taken into custody.
  • 237503 - The USS Isannah relaunches under Captain Maela Jolon.
  • 237504 - The USS Obertha is recommissioned, under the command of Captain Skyfire.
  • 237506 - The USS Indria-A launches, commanded by Commander Shaun Marlin.
  • 237506.21 - Michael James is caught and recovered from exotic disease while on a mission that led to the demise of the USS Obertha
  • 237509 - Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf establishes The Daris Colony.
    • The USS Eagle launches.
  • 237510 - A new command training vessel, the USS Ithaca is launched.
    • The USS Eagle is on hiatus.
    • The USS Obertha is lost.
  • 237511.01: Admiral Tristan Wolf is promoted to rank of Fleet Admiral, sets another rank record.
  • 237511.23: Alucard Vess found frozen in a stasis pod. His origin is unknown.


  • 237601 - The USS Ronin launches as a replacement for the USS Obertha, under Captain Skyfire.
  • 237601.18 - The USS Arizona was destroyed.
    • Commodore Shaun Marlin transfers to 118 Admin from the USS Indria-A. Command of the ship is passed to Commander Sally Strange.
  • 237602 - The USS Freedom-A was lost. The USS Nemesis-A is her replacement.
    • USS Arizona-A commissioned by Captain Reginald Lecrisp.
    • USS Caledonia commissioned by Commander Leigha Jacobs.
  • 237603 - The USS Arizona-A launches on her maiden voyage.
  • 237603.09 - Michael James devoured by a bug creature (the Reetafai), but able to extricate himself by physically removing himself from the bug's body
  • 237605 - The USS Kodiak was launched under the command of newly promoted Captain Jasen Rendary.
    • The Daris Colony was abandoned.
    • The USS Ithaca is no longer an active duty station, now serving in a training role.
    • Fleet Captain Jeff Pelletier resigns.
    • Captain Reginald Lecrisp retires.
    • The command crew of Starbase 118 transfers to the USS Trinidad, Captain Curtis Arnavon commanding.
  • 237608 - Rear Admiral Brian Kelly returns.
    • The crew of the USS Indria-A transfers to the USS Hammond under the command of Commander Allen O'Malley.
  • 237611 - Fleet Division - The UFOP Fleet divides into two parts:
      • Subfleet 118 under Rear Admiral Shaun Marlin - StarBase 118, USS Indria-A, USS Isannah & USS Hammond.
      • Subfleet 251 under Rear Admiral Ciara Randor - USS StarWind, USS Nemesis-B, USS Excalibur USS Kodiak & USS Ronin.
    • Ship Loss: USS Trinidad.
    • The USS Caledona was decommissioned. Her crew was reassigned to the USS Indria-A
    • USS Ranger, due to Brian Kelley's retirement



  • 237805 - Alana Devar graduates Starfleet Academy and is posted to the USS Phoenix-C under the command of Jessa Anassasi.
  • 237807.29 - Michael James promoted to Captain of USS Ronin
  • 237808.06 - USS Constitution launched under the command of Fleet Captain Hebron
  • 237809.20 - Toni Turner enters Starfleet Academy
  • 237810.28 - Varaan graduates from Starfleet Academy, at the Starbase 118 campus. Commissioned rank of Ensign.


  • 2379 Laudeans of Til’ahn discover warp drive, Embassy follows 2 years later
  • 237901.01 - USS Valkyrie destroyed in combat with the Romulans; Varaan is field transfered to the USS Freedom-A and promoted to Chief Engineer.
    • Mirror Arista Devar is found unconscious in a damaged shuttle by the USS Griffin.
  • 237902.21 - USS Paladin is commissioned and launched.
  • 237903.16 - USS Euphrates makes its last transmission. Its disappearance would be investigated by the USS Independence-A 5 years later.
  • 237904.27 - Michael James is rescued from Time expedition through the Guardian of Forever to stop Terrorist known as Gopa.
  • 237905.20 - USS Victory is commissioned and launched under command of Captain Jordan Hurne.
  • 237908.01 - Tal Tel-ar returns to Starfleet Academy.
  • 237908.05 - Mirror Arista Devar is accepted in Starfleet Academy.
  • 237910.31 - The USS Ackerman emerges from a temporal anomaly, having been missing since 2269. Among its survivors is David Whale.
  • 237911.03 - Admiral Tristan Wolf is transferred to StarFleet Command division, as the Chief Administrative Officer for Romulan Affairs in the Beta Quadrant.

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