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Region Par'tha Expanse
Sector Lanaxa Province
System Yrocyn system
Sun(s) 1: Cyn
Planet Yrocyn
Class M
Atmosphere Nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere with ozone and carbon dioxide content, at Earth-normal pressure
Hydrosphere Moderate, with 49% surface water
Climate Moderate and temperate
Gravity 1.03G
Primary terrain forest, jungle, mountain
Points of interest Fort Expedition
Length of Day 27h
Length of Year 320d
Native species primarily Caraadians
Other species various
Official Language
Population 100 permanent
Technological Classification N
Major cities none
Exports none
Affiliation House Lanaxa
Government Aristocracy
Yrocyn system Star   I   II   III   IIIa
  • Culture: Hunting Preseve
  • Resources: wild game parts, tourism
  • Ship Facilities: Vant has one land-based minor starport, numerous landing fields

Vant orbits the vacation planet of Yrocyn. The moon's surface is covered with a tangle of vegetation in several distinct layers. There is rampant ground cover, low-level bushes and shrubs, and immense canopy trees. All of the moon's animal life has been imported from other worlds, all carefully balanced to ensure a fairly balanced - if artificial - ecology. The wildlife includes vicious predators, benign herbivores, as well as unique plants and fungus species. Vant is maintained as a large hunting preserve. Galactic big game hunters from the galaxy come to hunt in a most unique setting.

There is one permanent settlement on Vant, Fort Expedition. The Fort maintains a limited service spaceport and simple barrack-like quarters. Many expeditions start here, but the planet also has several plains where ships can land. Aircraft can be rented from Fort Expedition or hunters with coordinates can utilize these other landing fields on their own.