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Waystations & Ways
Known Species
Explored Areas
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Starfleet Presence
  • Restricted at Present

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"Welcome to Odyssey Station. Please proceed to the nearest docking port. All Travelers must abide by the Wayfarer’s Code while visiting the station."
— the Greeter on Odyssey Station

The Waystations are an ancient system of massive stations that generate artificial subspace corridors (see Way Corridor System) between them and other Waystations as well as galaxies. They house an advanced, sentient holo-matrix known as the Greeters.

The first encounter with the waystations occurred in 2386 with the USS Independence-A, accidental due to lack of knowledge about the system and the Way Corridor hidden within a subspace “briar patch” known inside Ithassa Region as Bull's Run. Later, the USS Columbia accidentally fell through an unstable corridor to a waystation in 2390. Both instances landed the ships at Odyssey Station.


The architects and builders of the Waystations are unknown as to date, as no information was forthcoming from the station’s advanced holo-matrix sentience, known as the Greeters. Where they were originally built, how many there are, where they are, has not been determined. At one point every Waystation had a Guardian, who was a biological lifeform that oversaw the primary offense/defense systems and could act in areas that the biomatrix overseers, the Greeters, couldn't. Death and the lack of applicants who possessed the qualifications and qualities to become Guardians makes them few and far between.


This is a partial list of what the crew of the USS Independence-A discovered during their brief first contact with the station and the Greeters:

  • A stabilized dimensional transporter system.
  • Suspected the station might be an automated system.
  • Robotic mechanoid workers with a single, green-glowing eye.
  • Galactic translator device in the form of a light sphere which injects the translator directly into the visitor.
  • Tachyon-based (suspected)
  • Mass Tractor beams
  • Tube ship docking couplings

Known Inhabitants

The Time Factor

It was discovered by the crew of the USS Ursa Major during an unscheduled landing in Galactic Space there is considerable amount of chronoton radation, resulting from the space/time distortion that occurs out of the galaxy.

In such the case with the unintended visit by the USS Independence-A to Odyssey Station in its first contact situation, whereas it was discovered after returning to the Milky Way they were approximately six (6) months behind schedule in the timeline.

It makes exploration or charting the Waystations and the Way Corridor Systems difficult as the ship is operating within space/time distortion. It may be possible to implement a time-base corrector synchronization to a starship, but until its application further study of the ancient technology is not possible.

WayStations bordering the Milky Way

There are only two known. Odyssey Station, located approximately 50 KY out from the Alpha/Beta Quadrant border. Its Type I Galaxy Corridor was stumbled onto inside an area called “Bull’s Run”, located in the Ithassa Region.

The second was in reference only, known as Leximinos Station, believed to be located outside the galaxy in the vicinity of where the Alpha/Delta Quadrant border would be. The status of that particular station is unknown.

It’s theorized based on triangular there may actually be four (4) Waystations surrounding the Milky Way with the same number of Type I Galaxy corridors into and out of the galaxy.

Current Status

The Waystations are classified as restricted. At a future point, Starfleet may launch an expedition.