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Veterans Affairs Team
"Sim long and prosper"

Facilitator: Roshanara Rahman

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Past Accomplishments

General Activities

  • An in-depth overview and discussion about transferring within the fleet
  • An in-depth discussion about retention within the fleet
  • An in-depth discussion about decommissioning ships within the fleet
  • Various requests for advice regarding individual cases of burn out, LOAs, etc.

Clarification on LOA Policies

  • A member-led discussion about LOA demotions that resulted in a formal letter filed by the Department on behalf of the general membership requesting an investigation by the Executive Council of reported discrepencies between LOA policy as practiced at the time and LOA policy as written out in the UFOP Constitution & Bylaws. The investigation and subsequent actions taken based on the results of that investigation.The Department worked with Fleet Admiral Wolf and staff members to ensure the following:
    • Unconstitutional practices confirmed by the investigation were ceased.
    • LOA and return from LOA forms were rewritten to clarify language and ensure they are in line with Bylaw 5.
    • A detailed guide regarding LOA policy (including proper reintegration of members with respect to rank) was drafted by the Department and staff that has since been provided to COs to ensure uniform practice across the fleet.
    • The general membership was made aware of the final results of the investigation and subsequent actions taken through the Department's forum.

Formal Disciplinary Process Improvements

  • A concern regarding the formal disciplinary process was brought to the Department's attention. With Fleet Admiral Wolf and staff, the Department worked to improve this process. Any members subject to discipline are now provided
    • adequate and appropriate notice through formal documentation
    • guidance on how to file an appeal
    • proper counsel through an assigned staff advocate before and during the appeal process

Creation of a Staff Lounge Forum as a "Safe Space"

  • The creation of a "Staff Lounge" forum for COs, FOs, and other staff members to use as a "safe space" to share thoughts, give support, and discuss issues among fellow staff members in a more casual setting was recommended by the Department. This forum was subsequently created on the 118 Forums within the Captains Council and has become a frequent place for command staff to reach to others for advice or discussion.

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