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Veterans Affairs Team
"Sim long and prosper"

Facilitator: Roshanara Rahman

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The Veterans Affairs Team is a community-oriented taskforce run by general members to support their colleagues who face issues that usually come up after the ensign phase of the SB118 experience and aren't addressed in the Academy. Focused on member retention and satisfaction, the Veterans Affairs Team is committed to improving the player experience of our group by addressing areas of concern as brought to its attention by our members.

The Veterans Affairs Team has been tasked with the following responsibilities:

  • assist in answering the questions of current members
  • facilitate members in using our available resources to resolve conflicts or concerns
  • explore ways to improve SB118 policies


UFOP: Starbase 118 is special because of the players we have: skilled, talented writers with whom writing is a joy. It is often asked how do we grow the organization and also improve membership retention. The solution is to support all of our players, both new members and veterans. It is these community ties that make it worth our time to be here.

SB118 currently does an admirable job helping people get into the group and supporting them at the beginning of their SB118 experience. In addition to the Academy, many ships have mentorship programs to help integrate new members and support them through their first few months as ensigns.

Yet, there is a need to address the issues of those who have made it through the ensign phase of their SIM career but are not yet a senior officer or do not plan on becoming staff. These issues include (but are not limited to)

  • burn out
  • simming career development
  • questions about how to properly secure a LOA
  • reintegration after a LOA
  • particular individual needs or issues as they are brought to the team's attention

In time, we hope to provide resources and maintain SB118 wiki articles related to these and other issues. We want others to know that these are common issues and that they are not alone when dealing with them.

Accessing the Team

The main venue for Veterans Affairs is through its forum. Members are encouraged to create new topics as issues arise. If a member wishes, he or she may also send a private message to the Veterans Affairs facilitator, who will post the topic for the member to maintain his or her anonymity. The forum is for those who have questions or comments about particular issues, want advice, or just want to have a place to discuss a range of topics with other SB118 veterans.

Finally, the Veterans Affairs Team works to help improve the player experience of our group through special projects.

Past Accomplishments

  • An in-depth overview and discussion about transferring within the fleet
  • Various requests for advice regarding individual cases of burn out, LOAs, etc.
  • Clarification on LOA policies
  • Formal disciplinary process Improvements

See Past Accomplishments page for further details.

Building Community

  • A series of articles exploring social collaborative theory of community and how it relates to our community at SB118

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