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UFOP Constitution

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Amendment Log

Since the ratification of the UFOP Constitution on 17 December 2000, the following amendments have been made to the original document.

  • EC2392-22, CC2393-01
Article V: Membership was amended with sections 15-18 to close a loophole in which a member who has been expelled from his or her ship through disciplinary action is subsequently unable to find placement elsewhere in the fleet when all other COs are unwilling to accept such a placement. In these cases, the member is effectively in placement limbo. The amended sections outline that if a member has been rejected from placement by all ships in the fleet, they are thereby considered no longer in good standing and as such, are automatically expelled. The amendment also added sections outlining the transfer and return process for members into the Constitution, which are further expanded upon in Bylaw 5.
  • EC2392-23, CC2393-01
Article V: Membership was amended to expand the Constitution's non-discrimination clause to include sex, gender identity (including gender expression), sexual orientation, disability status, marital status, and family/parental status.
  • EC2393-12, CC2393-16
Article VII: Captain's Council was amended to allow Commanders to vote on the Captains Council in any matter except those deemed by the Constitution and its bylaws as only for commanding officers and/or officers who hold the rank of captain or above.
  • EC2397-03, CC2397-07
Article VIII: Discipline of All Officers was amended to remove being absent without leave (AWOL) from the grounds for discipline so that returning from AWOL would be treated as an administrative matter in accordance with Bylaw 5

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