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Brell, Kassa Quay, and Cyrus Webb.

((Stardate 238303.29 - Duronis II))

((Embassy Grounds - Kofi Bar))

Cyrus: Does anyone have any plans for later?

Kassa: I haven’t thought that far ahead.

Brell: Me either.

Cyrus: Well if your not bust I might take some Holodeck time out and try a few new programs.

Kassa: Sounds interesting. I’m game. What kind of programs are they?

Brell: Have the two of you ever been vectorboarding?

Kassa: Vectorboarding? Is that anything like surfing?

Cyrus: Sky Surfing?

Brell: Well it's similar to surfing, only you ride air currents, I was hoping to go out this weekend around the island but with all of the trouble with the locals and Morin coming I think the holodeck would be safer.

Kassa: That’s for sure.

Cyrus: Safer than actually falling towards the planet at 900 miles per hour you mean........

Brell: We could start out with something easy like the atlantic run. And the safety protocols will be on so you wont have to worry about crashing.

Kassa: The Atlantic run is easy? Wow, I would hate see the hard one. ::laughs:: Cyrus: Yeah your not wrong there

Brell: It's a rush, I will just want to grab my board from my quarters first and change into more proper clothes.

Kassa: I don’t have a board, and what would be the proper clothing for surfing on air?

Cyrus: something pretty well attached I reckon

Brell: Swimming attire works best for low speeds.

Kassa: ::finishing her drink:: Shall we have another round before we go?

Brell: Why not!

::He finished his drink and stood feeling a little light headed::

Cyrus: Well I say we head down there straight away, I think better to do this after as little drink as possible

Kassa: Okay! Let’s do it!

Brell: So we meet at holodeck One in say twenty minutes?

Kassa: Twenty minutes it is. ::smiles:: see you there.

Cyrus: see you there

::Cyrus headed home, got changed into a tight diving suit, something that was well attached to his body, and would stay on when traveling at terminal velocity, he made his way to the holodeck and found Brell and Kassa waiting for him::

:: Hurriedly, Kassa makes her way to her quarters to change clothes. She felt a bit light-headed from the drinks, but she was anxious to try something new, and Brell’s idea sounds like a welcome diversion from the normal Embassy life. She changed quickly into her black two-piece swimsuit. The spots running down her sides made a perfect frame around her bare torso.::

:: Brell was the first to leave he made his way up to his quarters quickly and changed into his trunks. They were deep green in color and appeared to be even darker green against his light blue skin. After looking himself over in the mirror he removed his vectorboard from it's place above his bed and headed to the holodeck wasting no time. He was the first arrive::

((Embassy Grounds - Holodeck One))

Brell: Computer begin program Atlantic Run.

Computer: Program Ready.

::Brell entered and he was no longer in the embassy but on the beach of England on earth, the Atlantic run was a quick ride from England to new york.::

Brell: Computer, Two Vectorboards one for Ensign Kassa Quay and One for Lt. Cyrus Webb.

::The boards appeared and were the proper size for each of them, Brell leaned against the post and waited.::

Brell: Ah you made it.

Cyrus: Wow Brell this is quite a programme you have hear

Brell: Ah you made it.

Kassa: Yeah, I wouldn't miss this for anything.

Cyrus: so how do we get started, Webb activated his magnetic boots and stood on top of his board, it seemed stable enough but then it wasnt moving yet

Kassa: ::Trying to figure out how to balance herself on the board:: Hey, this thing won’t be still, oh wait, it may help if I put on the magnetic boots.

Cyrus: will this hold us in ok

Brell: Yeah well you strap you feet in, and then use the control pad to take off and set you speed, then it's up to you to stay level.

Kassa: ::strapping in her feet.:: Just how fast are we going to go?

Brell: Keep it around 100.

::Kassa accidentally pushes the foot pedal and turns on the reaction control thrusters, and zips away out onto the Atlantic::

Kassa: ::screaming:: WHERE ARE THE BREAKS?

Brell: The pedal to your left!

Kassa: ::doing as they said, halts the Vectorboard.:: Phew! ::wipes brow.:: Okay, I think I have it now. Where to?

::Brell speed up to her and webb came up behind him.

Cyrus: Yeah where to Brell, shall we get going

Brell: All right head due west and stick together, even in the holodeck you don't want to get lost.

::Cyrus got himself poised to go and turned to the others::

Cyrus: Well shall we do this.....

::Brell speed off and tilted upward doing a mid air flip.::

Brell: Let's go.

::Kassa, still a little nervous, force a smile and nodded the affirmative.::

::The three started off at a slow pace, gradually increasing speed. Brell, had to slow himself to not loose the other two. But he still managed to pull of a few low speed tricks.::

Kassa: ::grinning widely:: Look at the Porpoise are swimming beside us!

Cyrus: Its amazing, Brell this programme is fantastic, I never thought flying across the see at high speeds could be such fun

Brell: I have never seen an earth porpoise before!

::Suddenly, Kassa lost her balance and plunged into the water. Brell slowed to a stop and circled around her, Cyrus tried hard to laugh but if he was honest he couldn't help it, he swung around with Brell and parked so to speak near Kassa::

Kassa: ::coming up sputtering, treading water:: Hey! How do I get back up in the air?

Cyrus: try jumping!

Brell: Just stand up and tap the lift pedal!

Kassa: ::struggling to get up:: Easy for you to say. ::laughs::

::They waited until' they were back in the air.::

Brell: see easy!

Kassa: ::smiles:: Yeah, and fun too, even if you land in the water.

Webb: Well I will take your word for it, If I had wanted to go swimming we would have created a swimming pool programme ::Grinning at Kassa as he spoke::

Brell: I think we are about 300 miles from new york by now.

Kassa: Wow! I hadn't realized we could make it that far so fast.

Web: The speed of these things is outstanding, I really think im going to have to get one

::They got back on track and soon the statue of liberty could be seen in the distance::

Brell: Look!

Kassa: ::awestruck:: She is an incredible site.

Webb: My god, Ive never seen it before, this is quite an experience Brell

Brell: Gotta hand it to human's their planet is amazing!

Kassa: It is beautiful, but you should see the purple seas of Trill, and the beauty of the Tenaran Ice Cliffs.

Webb: There are many beautiful places in this galaxy, I am just disappointed that I've not seen many of them, we should go exploring some of them another day

Brell: I would like that! I have no idea what Trill or Betazed is like.

Kassa: The Tenaran Ice Cliffs are excellent for hiking too.

Webb: I guess in that sense I have had a sheltered life in that sense as I have not really seen much of the galaxy

::They flew past Ellis island and then Brell aimed in for landing signaling the others to follow.::

Brell: So guys how did you like it.

Kassa: ::smiling:: I loved it, Brell. It was an impressive trip.

Webb: Brell that was a fantastic trip, one day we need to go and do that for real

Brell: Maybe in a few months we could go out around Lokesh.

Kassa: ::grinning enthusiastically:: Okay, you’re on!

Webb: definitely that's a great idea guys

Brell: Computer end program.

::The scene faded and the cool mist and paradise of earth was gone.::

Brell: Well if you both don't mind I need to go get packed and moved into my new quarters.

Kassa: Thank you for t he great time, Brell. If I can help you with anything let me know.

Kassa: ::watching Brell leave, she turns to Cyrus.:: That was fun. I hadn’t even realized it was daylight. Maybe we could do it, or another program sometime.

Webb: Well do you fancy some breakfast, we could head down to the Kofi Bar

Ensign Kassa Quay

Security Officer

Embassy Duronis II


Ensign Brell

Cheif Engineer

Duronis II Embassy


Lt Jg Cyrus Webb


Duronis II

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