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Welcome to my user page! I'm Maree, and I joined SB 118 on 238601.07.

Real Life

Some facts about me:

  • Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Dark Matter Series, Ender's Saga, the works of William Shakespeare, Johnson's Dictionary
  • Favorite TV Series: House, Bones, Firefly, BSG, Psych, Dollhouse, Fringe, My Own Worst Enemy, Chuck, Lie to Me
  • Favorite Sport: Fencing, Racquetball, Badminton, Soccer
  • Favorite Food: Pasta Alfredo, Root Beer, Chocolate
  • Place I Want to Visit: Italy, England (again)
  • Favorite ST Series: Voyager
  • Favorite ST Character: Jadzia Dax
  • Favorite Instrument: Piano
  • Favorite Smell: Fresh baked biscuits, brownies in the oven
  • Favorite Sound: Soda bottle opening

Main Characters

Ensign Brenna Parker, Medical Officer, USS Challenger

Personal NPCs

2nd Lieutenant Mathew Walker, Starfleet Marine, USS Challenger
Crewman 1st Class Briar Nestaren, Nurse, USS Challenger
Ensign Satish Janzar, Engineer, USS Challenger

Writings and Contributions

Sample Posts


Writer for the Federation News Service